Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rhododendron Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rhododendron is located in Lake County, Guizhou Province governor-shun, an ancient Yelang the country's political center, and Guiyang, Anshun in the Golden Triangle into a trend, which are easily accessible, Guiyang east 102km, Anshun west 85km, and Huangguoshu, the Dragon King's palace, Hongfeng, and other well-known Constitute the common area of Guizhou Tourism Link Line West.
Scenic area of more than 00 sq km, set mountain, water, culture as one, with large-scale scenic mountain azalea, Chinese history and famous Baiyun Mountain, the mystery of the ancient city of Yelang, Yelang Guangshun town, Wu Qun Ma River Falls, Getu River Grand Canyon, and other well-known scenic spots. This is an ancient and mysterious land, thousands of years of history text heavy The land to cast a further layer of a mystery ... ...
Yelangzitai Emperor is unfair to the ancestors of the history of treatment for Changshun, Guizhou to the left of the great historical joke. Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang to the monks for the first history of his disgrace Sun Ming Emperor Jianwen Emperor again for the monk, Cheung Shun White Shan Buddhist monks anonymity for decades, become the eternal mystery. 1638 Grand traveler Xu Jian Wen exile to follow in the footsteps came to Guizhou Baiyunshan Mountain Buddhist study, the end can not solve this historical issues.
Rhododendron Lake and Huangguoshu, the Dragon King's palace, Hongfeng, Huaxi, and other well-known attractions associated traffic Integration, which is set in the world of wonders, miracle of history, the plateau of quiet for a comprehensive tourist routes can be carried out day and multi-day tour, Lawton, azalea tranquility of the lake waiting for you.

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