Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wujiangdu area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first is the Wujiang River in Guizhou, Weining Caohai originated from west to east trans-after into the Yangtze River in northeastern Guizhou. The lower reaches of the Wujiang River and some tributaries of the geomorphological structure for the dissolution of the canyon area, Wujiang Kwan, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Eagle worry about, such as steep canyon gorge, the two sides Bifeng Song Zhi, a large number of unique mountain, the peak cluster, rocks, piercing, fly Waterfall, Wujiang River gorge along the coast into seven King 60.

  Flooding along the Wujiang River and the boat trip, civil Diaojiao Lou, the ancient town of the Millennium, Qingshi Street, Gu Xiang, historical and cultural relics can be seen everywhere, the poetic charm of the mountains anywhere to be found. Qi Town national history and culture village, sits at the southern end of the river 15 km east of the Wujiang River .

  Wujiangdu located in Zunyi County, history, "Qian Shu-strategic position," vital importance for the military. 28 million next year (1600 AD), Ming Yang Jun crusade, Sowing Dragon should have been in this defeat. In 1935, the long march to the??????Zunyi, in which people hit Central Army.

  I only Wujiangdu early-Zhou Ji, since the beginning of the Ming and Qing Dynasties pontoon, built after the liberation of large-scale highway bridge and railway bridge and the construction of China's first limestone landforms of the Wujiang Hydropower Station.

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