Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jiang Jian Duyun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiang Jian Duyun scenic spots in the beautiful scenery Jian Jiang as the main line, the dense forest cloak Hill as a leader, by the cloak Hill area, Bridge City area, south area, a sword River downstream area of the four parts.

Cloak cloak Hill area, including Hill, two scenic spots in the screw shell and 10 kilometers of the main Jiang Jian ---- Above the river valley. Attraction to the mysterious deep forests, rare animals and plants, River Canyon, Chi-chuen, mainly falls; Bridge City area in the urban areas in order to bridge the ancient and modern, landscape and cultural relics mainly; south to secluded spots of the sinking of the unpredictable risk group , Ancient tombs and ancient bridge between the main station; Jian River area to more than quaint The ethnic villages and thick with the customs of ethnic minorities based. Scenic mountains and rivers beautiful, elegant building, in excellent shape and the world, fell into the water for nine days, rhinoceros play waterfall, maze 9, Beach ancient forests, hunting million five hundred years Guanyin Dong, and other natural landscape nearly 40; there are ancient Wen-feng, slate stone Old Streets, Ming Emperor Yongli Ling, Zhang Yu in Cliff, and other cultural history of more than 30 months.

Duyun City, built in the green mountains and blue waters, has a territory of the country away from the nearest urban area of primeval forests, rare in the country's urban centers cascade of natural landscape features, karst cave, running through the urban areas of Guizhou Province Jiang Liu and the longest mileage of a large number of Qi Shan different Valley Rapids pools, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, the group of caverns. Shi Feng garden by seven, craggy rocks scene in the stone on the growth of various types of tree-and vine plant 2 million trees. Jiang Jian flow in the urban area 91.2 km, the catchment area of 1152.6 square kilometers.

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