Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seven big hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seven large hole is virgin forest, canyon, Fu Liu, underground lake as the main scenic spots, Xiaoqi Kong from Yuanyang Lake area, about 5 km. Jun dangerous magical landscape, Xiongjunbangbo momentum of the mountain and a deep valley, the fast-flowing, a waterfall hole, the waterfall under the lake, there is a window on the lake, such as the sun and the sun-star cast, there is a higher than 80 meters Wei-ran Tianshengqiao stand by experts as "the power of nature to shape the Eastern Arc de Triomphe", is the concept of respect, admiration for the power of nature.

Seven large hole into the area to a major bridge named after seven holes. Full of mysterious, strange color. Seven from the big hole on the bridge and Su Liu Oncoming god is a long valley, a valley Cascade Cliffs, cliffs, the wind around gas-lan. Before the line after about 1 km and look to the left there is a high cliff, about the width of the cliff more than 100 meters straight to the clouds, attached to the precipice after another stalactite, Lam levels, as a colorful oil painting. There are three walls The size of the cave bottom, the proliferation of tree-hole, fun scene. The most bizarre is that the voice call can not be here, or on the size of the stone cliffs will be flying from the local people that God's anger, there is therefore a terrorist known as the Gap.

On its way, we can see a ghost of nature God made cutting workers from the Tianshengqiao. Bridge, 60 meters high, wide bridge opening to 20. The fast flow under the bridge to form a waterfall; under the bridge opening around the different patterns of stalactites; side of the bridge is covered with shrubs, flowers, and dizzying beauty.

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