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C-an ancient town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From the era of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, here is the rest of the business from top to bottom, so C-an inn market, restaurants, tea houses can be found everywhere, most of the residents of the town as a business.
  C anzhen Chishui City area 12 km away from the C-an ancient town, is obsolete, because of a waterway so far only available at the foot of the castle, a few things Turbulence, the whole market has maintained since the Ming and Qing Dynasties Chishui valley of the ancient castle original appearance.

On C is a typical southern Sichuan Guizhou at the junction of the ancient market town on three sides on the verge of rolling out of the Chishui River East. Flood land from more than 10 meters high, two well-preserved Shihmen the field I keep things. Two Zhaimen , Each with a large ancient vigorous Huangjue Shu, took out a groove along the cliff, the fault has landed a number of scattered Diaojiao Lou. These old floor of the old multi-shade in green banana trees and Lin, the construction of stone steps along the cliff into the side of flood land. There is only one ancient town of narrow stone street, about 400 meters, the ancient times Direct is a commodity trading around the village several important municipal market.

The foot of the stone with moss Street, saw no Western painting wooden walls, sunlight from the water on both sides of the Tile House canopy spread between them, such as yellow sheets of old photos, old house here, the old tile , Cornices of the old wall, both through The vicissitudes of history.
The old stone along the road, you will come in the past, reached the remote Qing Ming.
C is from an era gone through the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Legend has it that C was an "Bing Beach", the latter is often a result of a fire, people think that may be related to "Bing" from the "fire" Therefore, to "fire" as the "water", since few really fire. Chinese norms after the words "C." "Beach" What is so named because of flood land, or as a result of market and the City "beach" Wucongkaozheng. Building people's communes in 1962, changed the "C-an." It is said that in mind for the management of the Chishui River, so that large and small risk Bad water into safe water in favor of the achievements of the.
Security for the C has always been into the southern Sichuan Guizhou's Road is a significant market in the town. From the Ming and Qing Dynasties era has been up and down for the rest of the business, and therefore C field an inn, hotel, the tea house can be found everywhere, most of the residents of the town as a business. Foreign merchants also have been in the open market Hunan, Hubei were still in the construction of this Yu Palace, that is, Hubei and Hunan Hall. Since the Chishui River?????large-scale management, C has become an salt from the ship, merchants overnight parking place, the city market more prosperous. Historical records, in January 1936 when the Red Army Siduchishui, a Red Army Corps division and second division in the Department of C-an Business.

Circulation time, the Chishui River to wash away the old C Zhen Qian Hua, the prosperity of the past are becoming dull and quiet, only days Ganchang, near the village of a few people to the scene-City, only a bit noisy on weekdays, the mountain On the potential of the ancient town of calm and peaceful.
City field is very narrow in the Street Mode of the stone has been smooth and delicate, but with two-way transfer of the Director of teeth are mottled moss attached. The old houses along the street, tongue shade Shen Zhao's watchdog body and lengthen the sun Dahua Mao in the streets "immediately Hengdao", was only accommodate two people side by side of the street, appears to be more crowded.
Old Store sales for the start of straw sandals, wild bamboo handicrafts, open the door of the central room the morning, sitting for the elderly table playing old card, this card may be too old an age, very few young people to participate in, precisely for this reason, that play cards The style in the end than we have in common on the streets of the city more history mahjong less tacky.
Station Old House at the entrance of young people has been talk of the town of old age unclear, and know only room is the father of his grandfather stayed. Weijia shop as early as when she had only occasional visits to the old Xungu foreign visitors surprised the gaze of the town to remind people here are really too old.
In taking this ancient town, most will be Time and space brought about by the kinds of casting haze of confusion and generously, lifeless things, because there had been signs of life and want to be very saddened.
Datong in the left bank of the Chishui River, 18 km away from the C-an, only 6 km away from the Chishui City, is a land of prosperity in the past and the decline of the pier. Is a very unique In the town. 70 years ago, this place is the culmination of prosperity. The hillside town, along with Redstone wharves are piled scale. Good times often parked at the terminal loaded with goods merchant. These boats brought from the lower reaches of fabric, yarn, as well as Sichuan and Guizhou to spend the required two-Yang Guang groceries, Sichuan-Guizhou border by Han Lu from a variety of Products, raw herbs in the delivery of this transfer. Timber bamboo raft floating down River, the river is half of the bamboo. From the size of the terminal will be able to see at that time the prosperity of the town of Datong, a small town gradually became the salt traders, the added supply vessel, docked points of sail repair. For this reason, from time to time, Datong is the most famous smithy, the old On the use of nails, iron shoot like a small iron has become a major industrial harmony. The most prosperous, settled for less than 300 people of the town, has opened a shop follow at home sixties and seventies, every family business. Elders say, listen to the people Shangbei, Datong little quiet, all day long Dingdingdangdang follow the sound of La bellows accompanied by the whirr ship to ship to call the Hershey Road, though, came out on the excitement.
Now everything into the past, Xiu-Han Lu, the diversion of goods, left over from the stone pier extremely messy, it has long been seen parked merchant, only mothers with young children in the sunset of the river covered with water, not only The spacious terminal so lonely.
With the smithy also merchant ships away from decay. Today there is still a road close to the wind and Latin America who do not have been me, follow the man with red arm Huihanruyu, the fight is no longer on board with only a small iron, only the voice of the Dingdingdangdang also left vaguely elders Say that the excitement has been able to flip the prosperity of the ancient town has gone.
The town's old wooden walls, still the most popular in the mid-60's popular political slogan, written in red paint brush standard across the song with the words of well-preserved ancestral halls on the door of the stone face-to-face looked fine, these are small The town calendar Story. There are also stories on Shaogong and the Chuanniang. Get Sunrise twilight boat to return and usher in Chuanniang sent to the organizations on a piece of red silk system is also custom table sincerity, no wonder the top of the pier halfway up the mountain there is an inter-old Huang Jueshu only rooted in the hillside, as a whole Trunk full recline in the air, the Tanchushenzai down The Chishui River. The story said that this old line from the long out today to see it. This may strain the old town of yesterday's romantic and sentimental nostalgia now blend together.
Dusk is the time, the climate becoming cooler, the old stone street before Zhuchuang placed a plate, not a year old children Mothers play in the bamboo bed, a young father and neighbors sitting in the morning while chatting leisurely while watching this light clothing Baoshan's mother, enough to make people stop and look back at the scene, also by the town for a little Yongjuan And San Man. This children's climbing Zhuchuang has become completely brown, and perhaps climb over the top of his father, grandfather, Grandfather ... ... children's skin fresh, tender limbs of this old bed, the old rooms, old walls, old tables and chairs of the old map was alive.
Whether the old market town or city, have experienced a prosperous, Yunjuanyunshu, flowers bloom seems to be very far away from the town. Sitting and watching the threshold of white washed And the old man in the street urchin tease the same calm, the original historic look to attract people to pursue and experience, has long experience of the passing away of life and customs. Brick, arches, stone street in different dynasties in different interpretation of the story. Today, the city's boutiques, home appliance stores are open on the town Not many, but also convey a real breath, the ancient town of girls in high heels also Tingting Taguo Qingshi wave height. In reading in Chishui Falls, Danxia, Cyatheaceae, Zhuhai, and then visit the ancient town of Old Streets, in any case you are allowed to deliver the magic of the good fortune of nature and history of heavy distant.

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