Friday, December 12, 2008

Yanjin River Hot Springs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanjin River Hot Springs is located in Yanjin Renhuai City, South River Resort, in Yanjin River Bridge, about 100 meters from the lower right corner. The water temperature of about 50'C, on volume more than 120 tons. With a strontium, the Pian Guisuan satisfied chloride-hot mineral spring. Spewing water all year round continuously, with a variety of trace elements, arthritis, skin diseases, cardiovascular Disease, a better effect. Surrounded by forest, fruits, leaves, fruits, whirling, round flowers assail the nostrils, the fall of many fruits, orange Orange Green, the beautiful scenery. Stephen Yishanbangshui this, hot air transpiration, Yinyun more funding, like the four seasons, not Busu surplus. Wankou big spring water were spewing out in the Yan Xue, gurgle sound, and flows through stone After the injection to form an open-air swimming pools, water color can be green Kam Cham people. This bathing, medical treatment has been an endless stream of visitors. The city is the development of this Chinese capital, to build a fully equipped spa center.

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