Friday, December 12, 2008

Jiao Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Dragon King Lake in Nanjing 32 km east of the Zhangjiawan Village, a legendary ancient monks see the lake named after White recline. Jiao Lake is located in the limestone cave area was formed by limestone dissolution of the funnel, after the underground karst as a result of the continuous supply of water to form lakes. They have oval-shaped lake, covering an area of only 18 acres, has reached the depths of 103 meters. Qingbi the lake like a mirror, the big fish can be seen floating, one-li lake, soil subsidence For a sense of action. Lakes and low hills on three sides co-Wai, low-lying to the north there is more than 1 meter wide, small mouth, the outflow is always flooded with water all year round. The lake water, the lake overflow level, the drought is not clear for a long time, not Jiuyu floods, long cited irrigation Tian. Surrounded by water problems, old trees tall and straight, released in the tablets. Jia Tai years, the Southern Song Dynasty (1201 ~ 1204), the Dragon Temple has been built on the lake, has been spent. Jiao side of the Lake of the original Lake Cottage, for the well-known painter of the Qing Dynasty, one of the Yangzhoubaguai Huang Shen (gall ladle) built. He studied painting here, the Set Yiming, "Jiao Shi Chao Lake."

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