Friday, December 12, 2008

Ruiyun drift - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ruiyun drifting at the city of Sanming Huanglong Mountain Forest Park, adjacent to the provincial Swiss Mountain Scenic Area. 12 km from the urban area, 25 sq km park has yet to residents in the urban areas is far from the most recent piece of "pure land." Park unique natural landscape, Weng Yu old trees, green grass and Huaxiangniaoyu. There are green mountains and blue waters of the Leave the original look of it many beautiful fairy tale and legend, leaving behind a lot of seekers can explore the footprints. Ruiyun drifting into scenic, leisure, tourism orchards, bamboo and ornamental breeding rare birds such as the five major regions. Ruiyun famous drifting, tourists have been called "the first Murano Fujian drift", is the provincial tourism In 1999 the introduction of floating point units in the province. Up and down terminal facilities, convenient transportation, services of the huts, and antique primeval forest is located in, in quiet and interesting life. Park barbecue to people getting back to basics provides a good place. Drifting away from the terminal on the 200-meter butterflies Hill, Free housing, green restaurants, fishing Pinghu, amusement parks and other projects have been built for people leisure, Conference reception. Construction plans are a hundred gardens and cultural promenade, forestry, and so on the history of the exhibition hall.

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