Friday, December 12, 2008

Huai-Dong Yang cave group - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huai-yang cave at the base Renhuai City, more than 10 kilometers south of the altar plant in the town, Ren compliance from the road about 2 km. Huai Yang is a group of cave-Yanjin River in the tourist area of a tourism landscape, Su said the "Guizhou Department wins in the first."

  It consists of dozens of large and small cave, of which there are well-known Huai-Dong Yang, Luo Shuidong, mountain Tung, the Hong Kong Standard Ming-dong, gray-hole, Han-dong, dong, Jiangxi, and other cave. Huai Yang is a group of cave-hole hole there, there are holes on the hole, outside there are holes, holes through each other, circling staggered. Cave in the entire group twists and turns are not back to the promenade, a wide scene in the halls of the maze of winding streets, a rich flow of underground river, blue ring-down The pools, waterfalls thunder Tigers. Stalactite cave thousand odd attitudes, like fish, like a dragon, the tiger might, like lions, like cattle, like drums, conch may, like waterfalls and so on.

  Even more surprising is that stone tap conch, Luo Hao Wen to voice, percussion Shek Kwu, BUZZ listen to the ring, is very Cuiren reverie. And is particularly valuable, Rich artistic value of the hole is more than 20 stone Cliff. The earliest engraved on the 51 Qing Emperor Qianlong (1786 AD), at the latest at the moment in five years (Year 1916). Throughout wall, the grass is Zhuanli taste, are prepared in front of Liu Ou Su, fine arts, different style, high attainments, the Department of more than 100 years Art carved in a hole, is a rare precious cultural and artistic heritage is Renhuai city-level protection units.

  Huai-Dong Yang Group in the cave 98 years in June by China Geological Research Institute of caves called "international cave exploration base." This tour, tourism, study, adventure tourists are day-to-day And more. This cave is in the planning group, to be developed further.

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