Friday, December 12, 2008

Hu Diequan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hu Diequan Yun Diancang get at the peak, 25 km from the city, 40 km away from Shimonoseki, the distance of 25 km to the north of Dali. Bai in the hearts of the people, Hu Diequan is a symbol of the loyalty of love Stephen, the butterflies will be a year, from all sides of the Bai young men and women have come here, "throwing a stone water depth examination", The sound to find their loved one. Hu Diequan concerned, in Guo's a "Hu Diequan" Long Poem, described here a long time been a legend, the story is another interpretation of the Butterfly Lovers tragic love tragedy. Legend has it that, no matter orphans Wen-xia hunter and Lang both love, love, but the Regardless of the coveted Pa-man girl, Lang Xia took the opportunity to persecution, they want to break up, love the people would not be separated, both were forced to jump into the final Hudie Quan, into a pair of butterflies, year after year, tirelessly Stephen in on the fly, sing the praises of Man and Xia Lang Regardless of steadfast love.

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