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Jincheng town - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dianchi Lake is located in the south bank of the East Jin Jinning County town, surrounded on three sides by mountains, a lake is hilly plains. Plain hills, criss-cross paths vertical and horizontal, staggered Tianchou, West town about five kilometers, is the famous state-level key protection units Danzhai Hill. Shan Dian Wang Danzhai is a generation or several generations of his family Dian Wang, Chen Pu's grave The Shinzo Jinningian County now cities and towns along the country is Gudian Du Yi, Yunnan is the cultural center and the birthplace.

Opening the historical records along the page down, in the following two thousand years of successive dynasties, the Han Dynasty, the Dianchi Lake County of Jincheng has been beneficial for the county, Jinning County, the county Ning, Jianning County's legacy. ( Song Nanzhao and Dali State Department time to cook, Yang Castle). No wonder Yuanjia in modern times in the Valley "Sounds of Yunnan," said: "The city, also the hub of politics. Yunnan hub since the Warring States Period in the Tang Dynasty Jinning", which is now the Jincheng.

Jincheng in the Sui Wendi as Ning-gun legacy has been totally by the provincial governor Liang Zhou Cheng Billiton Qili, to build 12 9 Qu ", can be seen at the time of the grand scale. Chenghua 22 years of the Ming Dynasty (1486) has been built brick city, Dongnanxibei Jian Weng Cheng Lung and Southern smoked, Zhu Feng, arch Shing Mun Town four, after hundreds of years, or destroy or repair, on-site investigation in 1954, the dilapidated walls of the original perimeter 4100 meters, 4 meters high. Until 1958 before completely removed.

Fortunately, although the wall is removed, but in the ancient city of the Ming and Qing Dynasties era of residential and public buildings are now largely intact, so that we can still remember that when the city's thriving scene. According to a recent (May 2003 Japan 0), "Kunming Daily" reported that the city has a long history, unique ancient residential courtyards, streets and alleys and elegant architectural pattern carving art has given rise to the city of Zurich, Switzerland, heritage experts Board of great concern. They and his 20 three times to visit the ancient town, Du Yi Gu Dian country scenes so that the fall of civilization Were very surprised.

Jincheng town in the history of architecture, urban history than a special status. Retains the urban layout of the Ming and Qing dynasties, covering about 10,000 square meters, more than 60. From the Old City on West Street, under West Street, Crown Street, and so well composed of eight street-shaped field is attached to the pattern of scores of lanes, is said to be self - Wanli reservations so far. Inter retained alleys of the residential compound, as a "dry-column", "an Indian" structure, "the three four-ear" and "two ears" courtyard design. Liang Chuan Dou-lift roof trusses, Chongyanxieshan-style combination of lattice-carved doors and windows, decorated with carved dragon phoenix, flowers and trees relief, which is rich in fine, Chinese and foreign experts to evaluate high. On residential areas more or less wiped off once the dust is bound to show dazzling brilliance.

  Ancient China's rural cities and towns, rivers and streams are in addition to Jin Bang, most of the wells are drilled, but many ancient Jincheng, was a big surprise. In response, local people have Many legends and anecdotes, whether credible or not these legends, left us today, but "every family has a well, the best intentions clear spring there," the wonders of folk wells. Almost all of the ancient town houses, ancient wells have a local person, "private wells." This is not a well dug in the courtyard patio, but in the kitchen stove , It is easy to access to water. Xiangyingchengqu private wells and the street outside the house is also spread by a number of wells, known as the "official Well," Wells Street official be named. Furui, without exception, these have different characteristics and the field. First, the well-head small, only about 20 cm; Second, Tseng Lan has a symmetrical on both sides of the hole. As far as Explanation for the elderly, small well-head to prevent suicide Toujing, Tseng Lan on both sides of the hole in order to increase preparedness covers thieves locked the wrong poisoning! How thoughtful precautions, it let us enjoy the town's creation of life, our unlimited reverie. As the old, in with that purple sand or stone Qingshi the Zaocheng Column, twice daily on other wells to water down the left deep marks true, is the mark of time, from generation to generation is the desire min and left traces of the joys and sorrows.

Jincheng around the ancient town of the natural landscape is very beautiful, well-known ancient poetry Wu Yan "to Feb. 3, the village of smoke 45, 67 Rendezvous, 90 Flowers "is the description of this party scene. Jinning, according to local scholars, Mr. Li Fengji local records in 1989 in the" Cultural and Historical Data Jinning portfolio, "the text on research, is a poem Junji Qing Yi Chou (1625 AD) Juren By Wang Shouzuo. Jinning Wang is the Jinsha, described in the poem is outside the east gate of Jincheng Pan Temple Country Road in the spring of scenery. You see: Chinese New Year day, the author and his friends out of the city picnic. Outside the east gate of the road on both sides of the pink Liulv, Chunyiangran. And his party on February 3, a street known as "smoke food village" (now the village is still, still called the name) of the 45 other people, Zhu Li vegetable bed, the smoke curl upwards, so the United States and one in the spring of pastoral ! Again a few years, it has been known to film up the house's hidden, who spent the Hang dragon temple.

Temple dragon on the main peak 2174 meters above sea level sunshine mountain, look around, you might see Lintao off in the past bird's-eye view of the Western Han Dynasty shan Danzhai cemetery Dian Wang, Jin-ling, on behalf of the father of heroine Lee led the troops in counter-insurgency by the building City woman, like the King of rock carving in the Song Dynasty general, the Yuan Dynasty Palestinian stabbed turn, Valdis close to the Mai Gu Liang Shan; Yanbo through the vast Dianchi Lake, China views too, Bristol chicken, which Zhu Feng Yu, Chen Xia evening light, through the ages , Road not far and near the ancient town of the rise and fall of personnel!

Recorded in the biographies of historical figures, events, inscriptions Epitaph of the many stele, is another feature of the ancient town. "Canbei of the Jin Dynasty," "Han Yi Gu Zhi-gun Dianchi Lake County Monument", "General Kwan Temple Monument", "Lie Ming Zhong Hui wife (Li) temple monument in mind," and "Elephant sequence College Monument", "State Jinning Xue Gong Monument "," Master Jue Bowen Taming the monument "and" Kangxi-Royal St Confucius Chan-division Monument "," cold tablet Yangchun, "" Monument home, "and so on, it is difficult to name a few. In their historical and cultural history of the development of Yunnan, Yunnan and religious history, the history of calligraphy art sculpture in areas such as research value, due to limited space , Can not comment on them one by one.

Jincheng has since ancient times Southern Yunnan Tongqu routes to central Yunnan, Kunming to Menghai, Kunyang Jiangchuan to other road at this intersection, Dianchi Lake and water transport facilities, local livestock, food, and local products such as fans and from Kunming, Yunnan Yuxi and Mengzi, Linan (water production), in the vicinity of the old cargo business, both in the distribution of transit. Therefore this a long time ago They form a prosperous trade fair, known as the "State Street" (now still continued every two months, the fair's seven ancient practice). Yunnan is one of the eight major market town. Street has a long history of the state, resulting in a number of well-known brand-name snacks Tute, the fiery sesame seed Mi Huatang pastries, cakes sand crystal sugar, meat Baba Palestinian fire silk, crisp powder stew volume, Dou Hua, and so on.

Today there are cities and towns Kun-yu Jin Expressway, Jinjiang vertical and horizontal cross-border road, the proposed expressway opened to traffic around the Dianchi Lake, Kunming, in a moment of up to the town. Convenient transportation, beautiful village of smoke, the ancient town, together with the ancient temple of the State Street Market, built here in the tourist resort town of Why will not the rise of tobacco farming village of Le Tour temple of the ancient flower set with Exploration and ancient taste, to buy Tu Te snack products Two-Day Tour of the day or so?

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