Friday, December 12, 2008

Yu Longwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longwan located in the western suburbs of Kunming, Yu Shi side of the highway near Taiping Village. Although only 23 km away from downtown, it is like a paradise. Yishanbangshui it, the storied Pinnacle, the sparkling blue waves, the water gurgling, Yousui dense forests, beautiful scenery. Yu Longwan, including the main tourist area of natural scenic spots, the film South-East Asia and the base city folk culture. To fall back on natural scenic natural landscapes, flowers, to the Chaziyanhong, many well-off the summer fruit, autumn leaves of variegated, Yunshanwuzhao the winter fog features. Visitors can walk or Tengqiao water rafting, off Liusuo; dense forest or adventure; or stroll along the creek, winding streets ... ... in this show The charming scenery, Taotie Kiyozumi the green, green trees suck the fragrance of flowers and enjoy exposure to the beauty of nature. Yu Longwan China Film Association is the base for filming, is the only Southeast Asian culture and cultural features demonstration projects and film shooting, conferences, folk songs and performances, entertainment , Leisure resort features the perfect combination of tourism resort. Film shooting base in years to reflect the style of the old city of Kunming shooting scene as a leader, the ancient Silk Road back to establish a "Qing Ming, Yuan and Song and Tang" photo base. Here, visitors can not only watch the film the entire process, but also in the back The long river of history, culture and Yunnan to search for cultural similarities and differences between the Central Plains. The Southeast Asian nation has a strong culture and customs of the city, concentrated on displaying Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, and 10 Southeast Asian countries of the folk culture, so that the whole colorful spots, overflowing charm.

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