Friday, December 12, 2008

Zhuhai National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhuhai Chishui National Forest Park, located in Guizhou Province for more than four kilometers east Chishui City, Akagiri flanking the road. To the vast park, "Zhu Hai," the main scenery. Park has 170,000 acres of bamboo, the mountains around the mountains, the park board "view of the sea floor," lean on a railing with a little perspective, the endless vast green of the original, Shop Hill covered ridge. Mountain However, Tao Zhu-off, blue waves ripple, it is refreshing. Body into the forest, such as the green into the ocean, blue waves everywhere over Tsui, bamboo rolling waves, heart, the elegant, cool, verdant landscape, people thrilled. There are in the region, "gong-day", "waterfall" and the "Eight Immortals Tree" and "husband and wife trees" and other unique natural landscape for visitors Tim endless fun, to give people better access to the return to nature.
Zhuhai in the "days of gongs," "Drum" is very magical. In the high side of tens of arc-shaped rock cliffs Dan, as long as you speak, they have articulated the "gong" sound from the days on giving, in Zhuhai on around-ying, reverberated around the ear for you Section, good for you. "Gong-day" about a mile Dan-class rock, is the "drum." This 360-class rock, as long as you set foot on 240 of them, it is "Dong Dong" Voice of Li should sound, articulated loud and strong, like the earth god of good fortune played the music for your life Qi auspicious journey, bolstering departure color You are encouraged by the indomitable, to put on the Mi!
Chishui City of the gourd is the town of Zhuhai, Zhuhai is also the birthplace. It is said that this did not bring bamboo. More than 260 years ago, a Mingjiao Li Li of Thai young people from the East China Sea, Fujian's three moved the bamboo, Chishui against people with the sweat pouring hard Through the Chishui River with plump green water of nourishment, which has three bamboo and a reproduction of a piece of green bamboo forest. Now here have been merging more than 30 million mu of bamboo, a wide range of miscellaneous more than 15 million mu of bamboo and became famous Kyushu National Forest Park, Zhuhai.
Zhuhai in the car in advance, you will feel Wave "swim" very happy. For a while as a dark-green into the trough, while also being tossed like a green wave of the monstrous waves. That stimulate the enthusiasm yo, as did the stoning cloud collapse, emptying the Pacific Zhuolang stroke in the wind and waves hit!
It is said that Zhuhai was born in ancient times. Thousands of years ago, the Han, Miao Yi, and other fraternal peoples living on this piece of Zhuhai. They claim to be descendants of the king of bamboo, bamboo for their totem, the high-bamboo festival, with an open mind to shape his soul, Zhuhai and another of the endless wealth of their upbringing. All ethnic groups, such as hand-foot-pro, which together create a happy home for themselves.

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