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Dali Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province is located in the northwest with a total area of 28356.0 square kilometers, the seat of the capital city of Dali in Yunnan Province is located in the western region, China is one of the historical and cultural city.

Dali is located in Cangshan, Sea Lake, known as the "Oriental Geneva." It is necessary and sufficient sunshine , The average annual sunshine hours up to 2473 hours, the average annual rainfall of 1100 mm. The average annual temperature is 15.1 ?, mild climate, year-round spring. East Lake and there, there are Mountain West, the beautiful scenery, rich ethnic customs, and has a long history of the State Council was announced by the state-level historical and cultural city, the scene of Areas, nature reserves.

  Dali since ancient times, "the wind, flowers, snow, on the" four well-known King. Shimonoseki is the so-called wind as a result of Shimonoseki Project is located in the mouth, the typhoon season when Whistling winds sweep Chuanjie Lane, a Shimonoseki, Feng Yan little, but Shakes The Barley; which the Dali Prefecture, according to Guan Hua Zhi record: "Hill high tea Liu Zhang Gui like the quality of its gray, 12 per duo should be December, the duo will have a leap month, the popular species to their ancestors left behind in the Dali Prefecture and the foot of hills, the names of its natives. "

  Cangshan majestic mountains, 42 kilometers long from north to south, there are Shijiu Feng, 18 River, the Peak is not year-round snow, snow Cuicanduomu wrap, which is King Cangshan three Dali snow; Erhai clear as a mirror, should be roaming boating whenever Haoyuedangkong, Cangshan peak sparkling silver flashing, silver moonlight add radiance to each other, Bai Regardless of fish in the waves come and go between the shadows This is the Dali Lake View four months.

You have Dali History, splendid culture, known as "literature of the state." Tang and Song period, the Nanzhao and Dali in this country are founded. The establishment of People's Republic of China, state the cause of the rapid development achievements are encouraging prospects. Jeonju magnificent mountains, beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, the simple folk customs. Dali, the State Council Released by the batch of 24 national historical and cultural cities and 44 state-level scenic spots, Mountain Lake has been approved by the State Council for National Nature Reserve. "Laurel 3" Dali famous, renowned Chinese and foreign.

  Dali in Yunnan region is the birthplace of one of the earliest culture, according to archaeological De-sac, widely distributed in the New Stone Age site in Lake Plateau as the center of the lake around the base. Bai, the ancestors of the Yi ethnic minority in this beautiful, fertile land in rice cultivation, livestock raising, engaged in collecting, hunting and fishing, Dali created a region of ancient civilizations. Dali Prefecture is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou source of high mountains and cross-sectional Co-location, terrain in the northwest, southeast low. Complexity and diversity of the landscape, point to the west of Cangshan Mountain Valley area. Cangshan point to the east, cloud to the west of Zhongshan for the steep terrain. The territory is a major mountain range Yunling Nu Shan mountain range and mountains, located in Cangshan points throughout the central states, such as the arch may screen, towering tall and straight.

  You Dali created the history of the many historical and cultural monuments, Chong Three Holy Mosques, SHI Bao-shan Grottoes, the Buddhist holy Gyejoksan, Germany Nanzhao of the monument, a sense of Temple-roaming ... ... Dali, as if reading an ancient book.

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