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Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lake of the most well-known plateau lakes in Yunnan Province, 1972 meters above sea level, from the north end of the Heung River Eryuan County, south beyond the city of Shimonoseki Dali, an area of 248 square kilometers. Down from the air, like a Crescent Lake, lying quietly in the Cangshan between Bazi and Dali.

Erhai a total of 3, 4 continents, Lake 5, 9, as the less polluted, the water is clear, transparent, has long been known as the "mountains between the time Mei-yu."

Lake is a beautiful highland freshwater lake in the ancient literature has been referred to as "Ye Yu Chak," "Kun Mi ""-Er of the West River. "Surface at about 1972 meters above sea level, from the north end of the Heung River Eryuan County, south beyond the city of Dali under the Town, such as Yi Wan crescent-shaped, 41.5 kilometers long from north to south, west width 3 - 9 km , The circumference of 116 kilometers, covering an area of 251 square kilometers. Lancang River Lake is in the north have indemnity Tho Mainz indemnity and into the river, south-east LUO Jiang Jiang Bo, 18 Messina Cangshan stream, the water rich catchment area of 2565 square kilometers, with an average capacity of water to 2,820,000,000 cubic meters, with an average water depth of 10.5 meters and 20.5 meters reached the deepest. From the lake Er of the West River, and Yang into the convergence of the Lancang River. Lake scenic spot in Dali is the main scenic resources, Bai is also the birthplace of the most important ancestors. To date, in the Lake and its surrounding hillside Taiwan on the ground by the New Stone Age ruins found in many parts of a total of 30. Hai Dong Jin Suo Island is a well-known Neolithic sites. Recently found that two-Gallery Island a few Neolithic and Bronze Age is also an important site, in addition to a large number of unearthed stone tools used in the production and life, and Pottery are still outside the grid-shaped bronze sword Hill, copper iron handle edge sword, as well as the casting of these weapons Tao Fan. It can be inferred that it might still rule the ancient ancestors Bai Lian bronze casting until the Iron Age Production base. Here are the times of each of the legacy of history, we seem to hear from the ancestors of the Bai Meng flavor of the times step by step towards Civilizations foot of the sound. As a result, it can be said: The Lake is the cradle of the Bai.

Small Putuo
  In the Lake, Putuo small can be described as "pocket-sized island." Island However, small, but very well-known in Dali, introduced in the book has its place. Putuo only a small perimeter more than 200 meters, constituted by limestone. It's much like the shape of a circular seal, it is also called the Haiyin. Legend Lake dragon inside a lot and often wind up Elang, this is the Goddess of Mercy used to rock the town Dragon seal. Probably in the Ming Dynasty Chongzhen years, fishermen in the vicinity of the damage on the island in the funding the construction of a two-story pavilion of Xieshan Ding, enshrined inside a statue of the Goddess of Mercy, so people would call it Guanyinge.

Putuo the east shore of Lake Small called natural fishing port of song Whitehead, Have gathered in a fishing village called Village of Haiyin Village. Haiyin Village by-case flag Drum Mountain Peak, west Lake. The whole village population of nearly 400 people in 2000, all Bai. Here, only 60 hectares of arable land, the villagers mainly engaged in shipping, the sale of construction sand and fishing industries. They are retaining their Bai EC customs. Haiyin Putuo small village with only 130 meters away from the villagers water-based, from the village on the island to the effort does not cost a few minutes can travel in the past. In the absence of the use of motor boats, Lake fishermen are driving the big boats are sailing, small pulp is designated a "mule boat." At that time, Haiyin Village is a typical er Fishing village, although the village of Bai Qing Wa white walls put up residential areas, but the former village of parking bays, large and small ships, boats, chairs, beds cookstoves basin bowl full range of everything, even the pig and chicken feed is also on board. Few people have time to live in the bright and spacious courtyard, their year-round navigation at sea, the boat is their adult mobile home Every traditional festival, Putuo has become small who worship the gods, a good place for leisure.

Without speaking Putuo Mountain Lake, as if in the middle of the first white man hold up the galactic disk, particularly open-minded. Why is it called Putuo here? Putuo is the Sanskrit Putuo Shan Jia Luo's initials, Italy Huashan is white or Me-Hill, is a legend in the Guanyin Buddhist India. As a result, all legends of Guanyin Mountain as the most significant holy places, such as China's four famous Buddhist Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang Province is one of the.
Dali in the original Buddhism and common characteristics of the Buddha is very close too close to Buddha. Tuo was referring to the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni, Kwun Yam also with men with women, the small Lake Putuo, is for women with Yin. This is a hard and believe in the vicinity of Xishuangbanna, Dehong, and the Theravada Buddhist obvious differences.

Nanzhao Island style
Lake and other islands, island style Nanzhao By the Carboniferous rocks pose. Around the island or islet-ching white sand or standing on a cliff. Cong Cong Feng Zhong cliff covered with a green cactus, as well as shade umbrella of a century old banyan trees. Many cave under the cliff, can accommodate the small wooden boat, known as "Island in the Sea", one of the largest cave called Bianfu Dong, an area of more than 60 Meters. Qunniao live in the cave or old trees on top. During the day, dressed in beautiful Bai Regardless of fishing boats in the shadows between the waves. This is the most beautiful scenery of Lake.

In recent years, the marble-do tourism companies on the island to develop a comprehensive, Nanzhao Island style is based on cultural development Let's name. At present, the island discovered Neolithic sites and ancient tombs, knives, stone axes, stone cutting, stone net sinkers, as well as copper handle edge, copper and iron blade knife handles, shoe-shaped Yue, Tao Fan, and other pieces of unearthed cultural relics.

If the yacht from the south near the island, visitors first see the last rock on the island "Lake's daughter," bronze sculpture. This is a legislature of a fish lying on the two women bathing the image of powerful and elegant, with natural rock on the island, "Drunken Eight Immortals" echoes.

There are two piers on the island, the eastern part of the main terminal Dayun Terminal, is to assist the northern part of the terminal. Dayun terminal can be a By four large cruise ships, the terminal area of 6 600 square meters. Place on a "one mother of sand," bronze, is backed by 10 stone pillars, representing the mother of one of the 10 sand in height, the human symbol of the 10 original way of work. This is based on the "Book of the Later Han Xinan Yi Biography"> "Long Nine" as a myth The wood carving. Ailaoshan legend in western Yunnan, a Saudi named one of the women, fishing and the sense of touch wood pregnancy, gave birth to 10 sons, the youngest son with that piece of wood into a dragon's very close, long known as nine, This was the language of "people sitting in the back". 9 along with his brother, he pushed for Wang. Later Ten brothers and became the ancestor of all ethnic groups. Kau Lung myth in a very well-known area of Yunnan, has become almost creation myth.

To the west that is the second square, "Yunnan lucky star" Square, the center has vertical white marble statue of Guanyin. This is in accordance with the Dali Nanzhao hold down the country's lofty Arab-Yin Ye ( Yin said the slender waist) Diaocheng statues, 17.56 meters high, is the world's tallest white marble statue of Guanyin. "" Lucky star in Yunnan Province, "Helen scholars in the United States in its" audio-visual concept of Yunnan, "a book of the absolutely exquisite marble statues of Kuan Yin praise. West of the statue is blocking the two 21 meters long, 4.6 meters high Wall reliefs, carved a positive Dali Yin mythology of the legend of eighteen, the back of the line were engraved gold "award in mind Yin Li-Lo fine Merino map" ( "ZTE Nanzhao picture"> local) and "Man Wang ceremony map" ( "Wen Zhang Dali picture) local).

Further Is the island's main palace building Nanzhao, with a total construction area of more than 8 000 square meters. Architectural style of the Tang Dynasty to the tone for the construction, financial Nanzhao, Fan earth style as one that reflects the efforts of Nanzhao period of the multi-cultural integration of the characteristics of the times. This is a multi-functional building, in addition to room and board for the visitors, the construction of its wind And exhibits on display, sound and so on are displayed with a high level, is to watch, leisure, entertainment and a good place.

This Week is the island's western end of the square, the walls on both sides of the wall 4 to place the bronze statue of the Week, in the middle is the "central Week" Duantong statue, he is known as King This Week 500 King of God in the first paragraph in the standings. Square-Bai culture, so that visitors experience the culture of Master Bai presence.

From the island in the north west of the pier can reach Hudie Quan, born to reach the camp to the north or the two-gallery Bai fishing village.

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