Friday, December 12, 2008

Long Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long Lake, the one who is making the plateau lake eye slander, lying quietly in the embrace of the mountains, the lake's slender like a beautiful girl, Chuchudongren. Long Lake is located 18 km southeast of Shilin County, about 120 km in the urban areas Ju Kunming, the lake is about 3 kilometers, 300 meters Kuan Jin, Cheng Chang-shaped lake, lying Zhuangruo silkworm You Si Crescent, named after the long lake, mountains because of their deep forests, also known as the "Tibet lake." Long Lake Ashi is the folklore of the code home, but also in the movie "Ashima" there are a lot of long shots in the Lake of the shooting. As a result, the local people to God as long Lake Lake.

  Long Lake for the karst lakes, as a result of geological The role of the crack generation. Long Lake is also very wide, the lake in the central four islands, the island is covered with wild flowers of fruit Hill, a habitat for waterfowl groups into the team. Lake in the Island, said the second island of Penglai, the lake covered with rock, rock, stalagmites, and so on, the dry season, shallow, reef, exposed stone, stepping stone on the island. South Bank into the rocks , Was shaped peninsula on the island and a lake for the Lake Island, Lake on the island. Lake ten weeks and several small lakes, scattered and embedded in the mountains, the lake is in the Island, outside Lake Lake, Lake characteristics are long.

  Clear, calm lake, from the bamboo can clearly see the groups of fish in the water from time to time refrain from being Yu, trees reflected on the shore of Castle Peak In the meantime, the scene is as gorgeous any words to express all the feeble. Long Lake came to you not do some fresh air, will be a major regret. When you breathe deeply, feel the length of the lake so the air is fresh and moist, relaxed and happy people. The spring Lake Qishuang-day high, backed by the blue sky in a little more fresh and charming, so that visitors here can not avoid her heart Du Yi-sheng. Lake Dangzhou tourists across the lake in the center island, from time to time to alarm the birds on the island, and some will then depart for the birds flew up into the sky to Jiji called a non-stop, and some birds will flutter of wings in the lake leng Light a few small dip water rushed into the ring after the blue sky, you feel what is the harmony between man and nature. Under the setting sun and the long lake is also very beautiful, the whole surface of the lake by sunset afterglow of a smear Kim Guang Cancan, the little bit of Yin-hua, one of 32 free bamboo, the afterglow of the sunset at this time is also urged by gently sliding The shore. Torch Festival to every night, the Yi people together in the Lake, playing piano, singing Tap dance, bonfire Ying Wu, music reviews, is the most pleasant.

  In addition to the boating lake, or fishing or mountain climbing, mining or wild flowers, wild ... ... Similarly, you constantly Wild, memorable.

  Long lake near independence and Hill, Zoran old, delicate and pretty tall and straight. The late Qing Guang Yi, Zhao made to mobilize people to Catch a Fire, Rock Hill alone, according to resist the rule of the Qing Dynasty, more than a decade's struggle. So far there is still a hill Yi-Jun Ishii of the cut that year, Fort residue, such as roller slot. In 1938, the well-known historian Wu Han Tours one point, the poem read: "Rock on single vertical Qi, General Xionglue women and children to know. I have come to the calendar robbing the sea, setting sun Pong still looking for Bricks. "

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