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Jiang Wutang the former site of the Yunnan Army - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the history of modern Yunnan Province, one of Wu Wen-two schools are very well-known, "text" refers to the Southwest Associated University, "wu" means Yunnan Jiang Wutang Army. The former train a large number of distinguished scientists and educators; the latter train a large number of outstanding military strategist and revolutionaries. That is why, once the army in Yunnan Wu Tang's students, and later became the Republic of Marshal Zhu De, said Jiang Wutang Yunnan Army is "a melting pot of revolution."
Established in nearly a century ago, Jiang Wutang Yunnan Army until today, the remaining sites, and published in 1988 as a state-level key protection units. This is located in Kunming Cheng Center Lake scenic orchard land in the West Bank Cheng-hua, today there are 1 m yellow brick courtyard of the two-story building. From the East and West, North and South four buildings, each floor between symmetry and has Corridor, the end of each floor, an arch gate. Area of 1390 square meters. Southwest still the main building Large Classroom (Auditorium) and a weapons database. South Central-based access to floor gymnastics, about 15 meters, 13 meters wide. In front of the building that was large playground, soccer field as the two areas, but this has Yunnan Science and Technology Museum, and other tall buildings replaced. However, after the storm 100 years old still Tetraena compound, with four 120 meters long, 10 meters wide cursory four corners of the floor of the building, not only added a bit old, also showed a year-hung, Wang Jiang Wutang spirit.
Yunnan Jiang Wutang this army, not only close to the center of Kunming, a city of dazzling pearl - Lake, but also because of its tree-lined lake Clean, elegant environment, bird rain flowers, but also make it a treasure Renjiedeling of feng shui. Yunnan Jiang Wutang Army and the Lake two-phase foil, and thus make it a rich color of the human scenic tourist place.
Yunnan Army Jiangwu Tang, founder of the New Army of the late Qing Dynasty and the establishment of a direct relationship. 20 world The beginning of the Qing government decided to train for the New Army in the town of 36 (division). Located in the border areas of Yunnan, as a result of national defense needs and plan for the establishment of two new army in the town. In February 1909, Yunnan into a new army in the town, the 19th was awarded the designation of the town, for a total of 10,900 officers and men of the people; At the same time, the province Guard team also changed , A total of 62 battalions, the 19th battalion officers and soldiers patrolling the town with a total of about 35,000 people.
New Army of the urgent need for training new officers, the Army offered to train school personnel, is imperative. Yunnan is the auditorium of the army around the end of the Qing dynasty founded by Jiang Wutang the most important one. Do it early in 1907 September, the army of small schools by the General Office of Hu is also responsible for Iraq, the beginning of the school has 86 students, and by February, only 41 were made to stay after school, teaching quality and school facilities are poor, resulting in only 7 months on the closure of the . One year later, the Yunnan-Guizhou care by the Governor Chen Bing-kun and the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Xi-Liang Chong Ban After a series of preparatory later. Yunnan Army Fu Jiang Wutang do, is Japan's Military Academy No.6 Chinese graduate students in Japan for home, then those in power from Yunnan to find qualified personnel, the appointment of a large number of returned students in Japan as the backbone of Jiang Wutang and instructors. In this group, the alliance members hold a large proportion of the root causes, such as Li, Li Lie , Confucianism open, the sound side Tao, Kang Zhao, Shen Wang, Tang Jiyao, Yang Yu-yan, goods Gu Zhen, Liu Zuwu, Li Hongxiang, Li Bogeng, such as gold van.
According to statistics, Yunnan Army Jiang Wutang start at the beginning of the 47 staff, the alliance will have 17 members, 11 were revolutionaries, revolutionary tendencies , The political attitude of the unknown, 11, did not find obvious reactionary elements. From the academic point of view, modern education have an absolute advantage, known as the instructors (teacher), 40, the Japanese school graduates who are 28 schools in the capital Beijing University have 4 school in Vietnam Ayman school 2, 6, unknown circumstances, the classification of the data, reflecting the Yunnan army instructors Jiang Wutang political, business fundamentals.
The rulers of the Qing Dynasty and the desire to the contrary, the United League for Jiang Wutang Yunnan Army provided an important venue, the revolutionary party members can actually control the power of Jiang Wutang Make it an important base for the revolution in Yunnan, southwest to become the core of the unity of the revolutionary forces. At the beginning of the preparations, Jiang Wutang General's Office (the equivalent of the principal) from Yunnan Bingbei Department's Office of the total part-time high Holden, the alliance members for overseeing the root causes of Li (equivalent to teaching in charge of training the Vice-Chancellor or the Registrar). To May 1910 Holden even higher nominal Jiang Wutang General's Office has resigned, following the root cause of Li's Office for the total, Wang Shen degrees for the supervision, open to Confucianism for the transfer, so that the Jan. 23 Jiangwu Tang handle all as members of the alliance. It is for this reason that Chongban after the army in Yunnan Jiang Wutang an entirely new look.

Wu stresses the army in Yunnan In the early days of its start-up, and obviously there are a number of important features, it appears to be more general.
First, the larger, more flights, the number of students has more. Yunnan Jiang Wutang the start of the army set up A, B, C three, 420 dollars. After Bingban students were selected from the outstanding performance 1 0, special academic award for a special class. With the business school early in 1910 (by troops in academic science and a good selection of non-commissioned officer and corporal, and part of the students in ordinary schools) into the 200 Bingban. May the same year, two of Yunnan Normal University graduates who wish to join the army were 30 Jiangwu Tang input, then talk Hall also set up a "class-laws." In this way, students start school at the beginning of a total of 630 people in August 1910, A, B and the first two classes a graduation, transfer and the election of A, B Phase 2 of the two classes of 80 students each into the study hall. In this way, before the outbreak of the Revolution in Yunnan Jiang Wutang Army received military training and public Revolutionary ideas of the baptism of nearly 800 people. These people return to the New Army and the Guard battalion, 1911, Yunnan has become an important backbone of the uprising and fundamental strength.
Second, the system longer. According to the late Qing Dynasty on the military school system, Jiang Wutang of a general system for every 4 months, with the exception of holidays and round-trip time, At a time when the study hall was only 3 months time, and the Yunnan Army Jiangwu Tang A, Yi Ban system for 1 year, in a special class for two and a half years, Bingban for 3 years, than the system provided for a long time several times (while the actual implementation of the But shorter).
Third, improving the classroom setting, the higher the quality of teaching. Yunnan Army Jiang Wutang Infantry, artillery, cavalry, engineers, baggage Bingke five. A Yiban into the hall after the study focused on military subjects, such as topography, fortification, weaponry, military system, such as hygiene and learning Bingke course, such as the Code of the Bingke, Fan, and so on. Bing Ban, in a special class to learn general subjects and basic military science curriculum, Chinese, ethics, painting equipment, arithmetic, history and geography, English or French, infantry drill book, manual shooting, the array of service orders, manual work, field exercises and so on, and then branch of the military professionals to learn discipline and Bingke this course.
The school system and the style is modeled on Japan Military Academy, a very strict discipline 6 hours every day, Shangcao 2 hours, a gymnastics and running in the morning, evening study hall there, but at night there is a collection of emergency training. As the better courses, teaching strict, demanding discipline, making the army in Yunnan Jiang Wutang the quality of graduates at that time with other military schools, a higher raise. As a result of these characteristics, so that the culture has become Jiangwu Tang Yunnan Army soldiers of the democratic revolution in military school, and Yunnan as well as the country's democratic revolution has made important contributions. Yunnan Army Fu Jiang Wutang to do after the root causes, such as Lee's efforts were in September 28, 1909 semester. The development of the school motto " Ren hard "words, Jiangwu Tang has also produced a series of military songs, lyrics, impassioned, full of appeal, morning exercises every morning should focus on Jiang Wutang singing military songs. Jiangwu Tang, we know that there are a series of military songs 7, in which important Of a:
Billowing clouds,
He felt a yellow lion to wake up. Siwan Wan compatriots,
Each other to make up the Great Wall.
China continent surprising men,
Hand in hand to join the army.
However, by virtue of unity,
New spin the course of events.
Even if the United States and its European wind rain
Come quite vicious.
Lianchengtiebi Responsibility,
Kenya Zhuang China and China!
Kenya Zhuang China and China!
After the Revolution, Jiang Wutang Yunnan Army was renamed the Army in Yunnan Jiang Wutang school, run by a 19, has trained thousands of talented people. Jiang Wutang teachers and students in subsequent protect the country and war, the Northern Expedition, the War of Resistance Against Japan And the overthrow of the Chiang dynasty in the War of Liberation to continue playing a very important role for the Chinese people as well as the cause of the liberation of the peoples of the world, made its own contributions.
Jiang Wutang teachers and students, in addition to Wal-Mart's illustrious founding fathers of the Republic of Marshal Zhu De, Ye Jianying, there was the captaincy general of Yunnan, the governor of Chairman of the Tang Jiyao, Hu Ruoyu, the H & Q, Hu Ying, Long Yun, Lujan, a former governor of Guizhou Province in Guangtao Lu, President of Jiangxi Province, Zhu Peide, Rehe Province, Sun's cross, the army chief of staff Yang Jie, Fan commander Shi, had Ze Health, Department of Long-Ze, Tang Huai source, a king of the former commander-in-chief Li Dianjun the root causes, Li Lie Gu Zhen goods, as well as anti-Japanese hero Yang Min Zhou Baozhong, a famous military strategist Luo Binghui, and neighboring North Korea's Choi Yong-Jian chairman of the revolutionaries, the revolutionaries of the Vietnam General Vo Nguyen Giap, and so on. Yunnan Jiang Wutang many talented people in the army, the stars bright, glorious history, amazing.

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