Friday, December 12, 2008

Pan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinning County is located in Jincheng, 5 km east of the mountain dragon, the temple was founded in 2007 to positive yuan (Year 1347), Lian Feng built by the monks. Legend has it that, Lian Feng came to the site for the master disk Yongsan, see majestic mountains, vast terrain, the Temple of the selected site for the dragon mountain Qiushui, Bee Lian execration monks forced to move dragon, the shortage of money After the start construction of Siyu. Temple built after the Japanese followers of the people, prosperity incense, near Bee Lian Zuohua monks, the title of founder dragon. "Chuzu out the source of Temple monks have been the expansion of the word, Canon covered floor, Kwun Yam Temple, so that Siyu begun to take shape. According to "Xu travelogues," it reads: "Pan Lianfeng Yongsan founder, who according to Chong, to eight million between positive Nirvana on the 18th ... ... today to draw a dragon will be. "Dragon mountain Siguan accordance with the construction of temples, mountain sector have one, two, three doors, Xian Qiao Ying, the permitted saliva, Lvzu Hall, the Hall of Ancestors, Main Hall, Yu Huangge, Garan Temple, the Temple pharmacists, and so on more than 20 homes, worship Explained, to teach Confucianism three gods, especially in the disk Temple founder, pharmacists Hall, Temple incense Kwun Yam height. Siyu around the lush forests to the camellia, pine and cypress well-known. Wansong the original temple, the building is tall view of the sea floor, ascend a height overlooking scenic Dianchi Lake. Temple dragon very quiet environment, every year on July 17 and Aug. 18 for the dragon temple, visitors to the large number of people access to leisure A tourist destination.

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