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Buddhist Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Buddhist Temple in the Song Dynasty architectural style is with the temple, which is in the early 1940s, architects Liang Yu Temple perception. Monastery hall positive, "Sam West" (Buddha sitting in, Guanyin, the Bodhisattva about the threat of the two Dashi Zhi Shi), after the wall "Kegon Sam" (The Story of the Buddha sitting in, Monju, Fugen threat paternity) as wood In 1956 by the National Buddhist Association, vice president of the identification gal Zhou, is a relic of the Song Dynasty. Which can be found, the temple was built in the Song Dynasty period of Dali country.

About peaceful Buddhist temple, the temple and can not fail to mention the "holy water."

Early Buddhist Temple, no mention of the idea literature Ming Jiajing 12 (1533), five-leaf into a Zen master Road repair Siyu, please stay in the Temple Yang Shen wrote, "Buddhist temple rebuilt in mind" (Houdian existing monument). Young pointed out: Cisi is the sixth patriarch of Zen Buddhism, the Dao Hui, Hui and resident of the Buddhist metaphor of water "flow" in the same strain, and then on to introduce laws Temple Koizumi has (later generations to study the "holy water"), three times a day and a particularly large flow ( "Lai Chao"). Quanxia later in the cutting of pond water. Legend has it that "Lai Chao", "Stephen King yeast God" (toad) also appear in the pool.

Yang Shen Temple described the rise and fall of the former, in particular, the above-mentioned phenomenon known as the "different territory", it appears that No reason. Hui (638 ~ 713 years) is the Early Tang Dynasty monk, inherited the mantle of Zen Legend Hongren, in the Guangdong Buddhist Shao Zhou Baolin Si Chuan-law, with the topic of "the key insight," creating a Zen Nanzong the group, followers of Trinidad and Tobago. South Zen spread wide and far-reaching impact. Is it because of a Buddhist resident sixth patriarch, peace is also Holy water ", believers in order to build a Buddhist temple, or temple following the completion of the sixth patriarch by the resident Buddhist temple as a name? Worthy of further study.

Yang Shen in the works, the Buddhist peak Temple, Temple House, standing, chanting monks and laymen the voice of Peter down, the Temple tube Pianpian linked to the farm with an annual income Tianzu impressive, Zhaifan in the supply, almost a thousand people on the food. Bingxian as a result of damage, destroying the collapse of Siyu, Xing San monks, who lost Stone Tablets. Buddhist Temple by the failure to Sheng, the name was gradually being forgotten, until after the overhaul Road into a Zen master, but also by the failure to Sheng.

"Holy water" not far away from the temple, located in the temple from under , Into the first Shan Qing northbound near a pair of Lin. Longqing 2002 (1568) winter, Dian Chen Fu-pin Wulv written by the "Buddhist Temple Tour" three or four above proverb or "holy water three different wave" saying: "the world's water, are a further influx of day and night, Koizumi has only Cisi , The three-day surge. "Buddhist with one sentence:" Buddhist sixth patriarch, At Lingnan. "At that time, there Description of the" holy water "as an integral part of the Temple. Since then, the" holy water "and" quan "of widespread," Third wave of holy water "has become a tranquil scene.

Buddhist temple there are dark clouds of the Yuan Dynasty by planting trees and plum, summer and fall, the old flowers for the temple hyperchromic. To spend more in the summer, opening night, only an hour or so grateful to that, and not easy to see. Road into a Zen master repair Siyu, Epiphyllum view of the very short flowering period, when Yixiang assail the nostrils open, as a result of the tree in the left and create Baohua Court. 22 Jiajing (1543), Yang Shen Yu Temple again, to see "a flash in the pan" landscape, wrote the ancient color Hong Fu of the body, "Baohua Pavilion", in Kebei Terauchi (Cibei there is erosion, the existing Beilang). This flower is a tribute to the inscription, "Tien minutes", the auspicious 10 minutes, at the same time pay tribute to Buddhist master Cheng Road, to repair Ming Si.

Buddhist Temple "sight lights", attracted many scholars, who read "John referral Monument "(referring to the two above-mentioned monument Yang Shen, according to Young's death, the posthumous title of the academic and private" Zhuang referral "), was to burn incense and Buddhist ceremony. Wanli (1573 ~ 1620) years, was twice homes Tian Jin purchase, for the Temple donation production.

Chongzhen 11 (1638) October, Xu You Buddhist Temple. Yang Shen see at the gate of the two side by side monument, Rusi busy looking for copy paper tablet. Ci Chen, in the name of the party scholar guided down the mountain to find the roots big stone on foot south into the pool of "holy water." Schiff of "Travels" wrote: When he came to "tide over early, before the arrival of afternoon tide. Due to this reduction, and its flow should not." That, when Lai Chao flow may be "large and Chung." Stephen in the banks, Schiff will soon see a new "wave of kiosks asked," Zhang Xun An Yunnan Wanli in the late-he has written tablets. Later, Zhu Shoulin also established a "tide assigned" Square.

After the Ming and Qing Dynasties on the occasion of the war, Buddhist Temple once again decline. Qing Emperor Kangxi II Nine-year (1690) Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Yu Fan Chengxun Temple, was seen cutting the roots Epiphyllum eruption of the new branches will be the Juanjian 3, "Hu Hua Hillside Garden." Yunnan Ancha Shi Shi Yong Tong will launch the province's pension tax officials, Buddhist temple rebuilt. 33 years of Emperor Kangxi (1694), Temple-wide overhaul to be completed, and Yunnan ask Fancheng Xun Wang (Successor to the Governor) has written tablets. In addition to Tong's book title, "Han Bao-day month" hanging in the main hall, and has spent along the floor, reading "flowers along the floor in mind." Wang Jiwen holy water and rehabilitation of three Stephen Chao-ting, the pro title "to cater to the needs Chao-ling."

Zhong Yan Buddhist temple hall, the cutting of a hole of 42 centimeters in diameter. With civil , The annual Chinese New vernal equinox, Seasonal Autumnal Equinox, the moonrise when the moon through the hole into the can as being in front of the Buddha. By the early Qing Dynasty "in the peace-chi," the first "every two or eight Xi Wang (in February before and after the August 15, for the spring equinox, the season Autumnal Equinox), according to the Buddha on the chest, his round as a mirror" Records. By later generations Derived from the landscape, each 60 years before he can see, and Kunming and "Jinbi Jiao Hui" at the same time, said the differences. As the Earth's location in the sky change, not 60-year cycle, after it said that there was no scientific basis.

In 1983, Buddhist temple management Chun Xuan Xu Jun told me that he lived , The number of View "on the Buddha Ying-chest" scene, did not have to see. Once during the spring equinox, but it came across, "Ying-day Buddhist chest." I was the old civil-contact "Takahashi II," Autumnal Equinox that season, with long days and nights, "reflect on" very likely. For writing essays, published in the same year, 4 "window of Science Magazine. Yunnan Observatory Zhang Rongjun Zhuowen see, the measure can be seen the following year, "reflected on" seven times the exact time, in 1984 a "window of science" on disclosure. In 1990, the Yunnan Observatory detected on March 17 to 21, shows that "reflect on the Buddha chest." March 19, the station part of the work And City Construction Committee Office of the files Liu Qing, rushed to the car to watch. On the same day 7:10, the sun mountains. 7:39, the Big Buddha from the sun projection right ear and right angle through the jaw, 7:56 share between 8:02 and moved to the chest. 8:19, "according to the Buddha is chest" visual disappear. Liu later It has been reported. Although not "reflect on", but at least in the early years of "binary" hearsay, certainly not non-existent. The problem, leave it to future generations to study.

1952 Emperor Kangxi (1702), the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Bassi's son, Yu Shou Crane Temple, the hall after the donor's Court Wan extended to repair after , Also donated a large bronze incense burner. In the same year, Yunnan Provincial Governor Shiwen Sheng Tian allocated mu, Gao administered by the abbot of silence, as a temple of production, supply the whole Temple more than 30 monks and monks travel to the cost of living, as well as the temple Youzhu needs.

  Lai Temple, will visit the "Third wave of holy water." Later, at the top of Pool Purchase mouth opening leading stone, place stone beads in Longkou, Longkou spring water from the pool bet. Potential flow more, stirring pearl ring made.

Kangxi, the Buddhist temple maintenance from time to time. From the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, people are always travel in interest rates, the followers of the ceremony resort. In 1924, the Kunming municipal supervision Zhang Weihan Taiwan, he served successively as deputy to the Control Yuan president) to travel, at the request of local, pro-temple title, has been hoisted. In 1943, the former Ministry of Communications and Technology Agency in the equipment room during the Temple, estimated that the production design of "Buddhist sundial." To 1944, there Siyu old rotten. Tzu Chi Buddhist abbot as a result of donations from outside Temple repair and Kunming, the "Observer" published in the notice, to accept donations. Long Yun traveled to a provincial governor, was informed of this situation, so Kunming, well-being of the two cities and counties to investigate the middle Temple. Richard Kunming has been the collapse of the Temple of the sheep, is a Buddhist Temple in the public domain. So life Kunming Temple of real estate to sell the sheep, as the need to repair the temple. Dragon's repair and expansion of the left temple Zhu Quan, the development of water conservancy and irrigation between the Tian Mu Shan. At the same time repairing the foot of a mountain from the car Zhenzhu Quan Road.

After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, the People's Temple, the whole maintenance. Buddhist Temple announced in 1956 for the provincial key cultural units, the establishment of the Office to strengthen management. To reform and opening-up , A new painting inside. Painting and "Kowloon map", "Journey to the West" group of paintings, decorative doors for the first intramural. Some of the existing tablets, on display in the Bei Lang, for appreciation. One Chongzhen Yubi "Wind Moon Water" is in apart rubbing years to Yunnan province carved up.

Houdian existing "Sam in the South China Sea" to sit in the Kuan Yin, mellow lines, shapes Ciai dignified, very aesthetic appeal. Tang Jiyao hearsay ruling, Xu Yun Huating monks recognize this is like a treasured work of art, plans to move Huating Temple, after local boycott only be maintained.

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