Friday, December 12, 2008

Hi Chau - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hi Island is located 18 km north of the ancient city of Dali, Lake to the east, west Cangshan pillow, hi Island is inhabited by the Bai important cities and towns, most here have preserved the best Bai residential buildings. From the point of view layout is typical of the "three Zhaobi Square" and "Five Tetraena courtyard," Bai courtyard pattern. These residential Diaolianghuadong Overlapping brackets, cornices Qiaojiao, Gate Tower, Zhaobi, painting decorative gable of the wonderful art, fully reflects the construction of the Bai people of talent and artistic creativity. Zhou Zhen-hi in the history of Nanzhao is the center of the military, culture more developed, countries have exporting a lot of well-known figures from various sectors of the community. In the past hi Chau Business is also more developed, was one of the busiest trading centers in Yunnan. There are relatively well-known products with Yang House, Grand Courtyard of martial law, such as the Grand Courtyard Hou, has managed to maintain the traditional houses of Bai characteristics, and a combination of Chinese and Western architectural practices.

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