Friday, December 12, 2008

Teng Temple Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Teng Temple Street, the state-Dali Town, Jianchuan County, south of the sand for Tea Horse Road hub, called Tea Horse Road is the only survivor of the market. By the end of October 2001, and the Great Wall of China, Shanxi Datong-Qinhuangdao pagodas and monasteries, on Haiou Hale, snow Richer tied synagogue "in 2002 to commemorate the World Heritage List of construction . Far away from the Neolithic Age to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as the flooding of Lake water resistance, the Lancang River, Nu River Canyon mountains of evil, here once the Sichuan-Tibet into the North, South and Central Plains into the Southeast Asian, South Asian, West Asian countries and friendly exchanges between the trade hub . Ganma the man from Tibet to transport medicine and fur Here the exchange of scarce goods into Tibetan salt and tea, some of them to the marble and other places to do business. Teng Temple Street is the busy market at that time. Nanlaibeiwang the Tibetan, Han, Ma Gang Naxi businessmen in the rest here, while others are brought about by the exchange of goods. Gordon set foot on Temple Street, is the eye of the Qing Dynasty Home and wood shop, at the foot of the stroke is left of the Ming Dynasty stone horseshoe and Western, is sucked into the heart of the Millennium Guhuai and the aroma of Magnolia at the corner of the erhu, a la old man was inadvertently stir up the "Lang Taosha "Inter-trance tunes ... ... feel as if they returned to the long river of history, if it was missing when the streets The downtown, it cast doubt on whether the time has been stagnant. Today, Temple Street, Gordon, Bai well-preserved houses shops, hotels and a stone paved road Qingshi, still reminiscent of Dingdingdangdang horse around the ring and the merchants of noise.

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