Friday, December 12, 2008

Chestwood - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lake is located in urban China Shanxi Lu, the city is the center of scenic spots. Eight of its water Tsui, Tsui Chuk four seasons, spring and summer Liu Tsui, the "Lake." Prior to the Yuan Dynasty, Dianchi Lake water level, there is also outside the city belongs to the small bays, rice, vegetable garden, Lianchi, it said, "Hai Zi dishes." As a result of the north-east of nine stock-chuen, into convergence , Also known as "Jiulong Chi." Service to the Republic of China, changed into parks, planted trees in the park, lake with a variety of camellia, there is only "Lake" reputation.


  "Lake" area of 21 hectares, on the surface of the water accounts for 15 hectares. Liu Di was a long 2 "+" intersection in the heart garden, the whole lake for four hours North-South cross-dike "Nguyen embankment", is Daoguangnianjian imitation of the West Lake in Yunnan Governor Ruan Yuan, "Sir Georg Solti," the United States and the construction of rhyme, what is called vertical embankment, "Tang embankment," the Republic of China in the years to build. Junction of the two embankment, the lake is the center island to the main axis Hu Xinting, constitute a travel center area. Hu Xinting also known as "Bi Yi-ting," Pavilion beautiful appearance, cornices Huang , Dotted with Spring Lake, there are kiosks around the hospital within two, for a variety of exhibitions held land.


  Hu Xinting have built in the west side of the Jiaqing years, and the Lien-hua Fangsheng Chi Buddhist Temple is a famous "Ho Immersi� on", now turned into a Buddhist Temple entertainment palace, "Fangsheng Chi" has become a water garden; Northwest "House, to Shuang", with ice flow; the southwest corner is "Huludao"; tall and straight palm, south-east corner of a peninsula connected by the three big garden "Moon Water Xuan" prosperous flowers and trees; the northeast corner " Chunting know ", it was every section of the duet folk song together, do not have some fun. Today, the Lake of the United States, has been added to the white Hong Zuiou, from scratch in November to March the following year, groups from the far north of here flew over the winter, the annual, non-stop. "Gull Lake View" Kunming has become one of the most popular landscape.

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