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Qing Xiushan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing Xiushan Nanning in the urban areas is about five kilometers southeast to the Department of Yongjiang River, a beautiful Castle, Castle Peak are on top of a tall pagoda, which is known as "the city of Nanning giant lung" - Qing Xiushan scenery Area where.

  Qingxiu Shan, also known as Castle Peak, Tsing Ling-tai, as a result of green trees, the mountain named after Xiuba It is 207 meters above sea level, covers an area of nearly 800 hectares, wooded mountains, Zhetianbiri, cool breeze swept through, as the noise issued Haitao, the formation of a well-known Castle King - Songtao Castle.
Qing Xiushan top of the pagoda stands as called Dragon Tower, commonly known as Castle Peak Tower, which is a symbol of Qing Xiushan before Wanli Ming, There are nine, after the collapse of lightning hit a two-tier, the Government during the War of Resistance Against Japan that the Japanese aircraft bombing tower Nanning "buoy", they blow it up. To be re-built in the mid-1980s. It retains the architectural style of the Ming Dynasty, blue green glazed tile, stacked octagonal canopy, there are nine-storey tower, 60 meters high and 12 meters in diameter Taki There are 207 spin-ladder for a maximum of Guangxi's largest tower. On top of the tower, overlooks the landscape far and near twenty years, Nanning City is the scenery at a glance.

  And the mountain is covered with green trees on the mountainside is backed Tianchi the Jade Pool and the two huge artificial lake. Tianchi area 15,000 square meters, water 2-3 meters, sparkling water, Calocedrus green pines, blue sky and white clouds reflection in the water. There should be a small island in a pond habitat and hope magpie-ting-ting, light breeze, it was on the Hill to the public good place to rest. At the Jade Pool for a Luo Zhuang goddess, goddess of smart fabrics and bold bad Tuo God Buber 3 stone statues of Buddhist "Sambo "To the east, an area of 5000 square meters, Li pool has two Queen Mother statue, the East coast of granite engraved with the Qingshi Sin gathering relief map of the Jade Pool, lifelike patterns. Tianchi around there are a Taolin, if people play this spring Can enjoy the beauty of peach blossom in full bloom. Tianchi and the Jade Pool, together with the full Cui wood, so that the Qing Xiushan a great natural air conditioners have become a breath of fresh air in Nanning of the "giant lung."


  Qing Xiushan Nanning City is to focus on the development of scenic areas, in addition to the protection and restoration of monuments such as the original Dongquan, collect green cliff carving, stone kitchen Hong endures still a lot of new Point. If Thailand is to park in Nanning city government and cultural exchanges with Thailand's Khon Kaen project to build the garden each other tourist attractions, it is the design architect from Thailand, Thai style of the park is full, visitors can now experience the exotic. Qing Xiushan the door to the construction of the new momentum out of the ordinary, unique style, in order to add a lot of scenic spots Color. Qing Xiushan is changing the face to meet the visitors eight points of the compass.

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Zoo in the western suburbs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The zoo is located in the western suburbs of the western suburbs of Nanning City Wuli Ting, also known as the western suburbs of the park is a comprehensive zoo. Covers an area of more than 460,000 square meters. Park, water district with an area of about 80,000 square meters, named Swan Lake.

Hill Park Slope and downs, around lakes, winding paths meandering, lush bamboo, animal-color birds Hall, scattered in an orderly manner Park of the main things to animals, miniature garden for the meeting. Francoisi a white leaf monkeys, gibbons, hornbills, and other rare animals in Guangxi, some panda, hippo, gorillas, giraffes, and so close to 2000 more than 170 kinds of animals for visitors to watch. Hill also has a liger, Bear Mountain, an elephant museum, crocodile lake, pond seals, birds Hall, and so on, do not have a taste of performing elephants every day to attract a large number of visitors. The Museum of animals between the two is Biyou Lai Chi Yuen, Park pears, banana trees, olive trees, mango trees, and so on Taohua Yuan. In addition, there are tropical fruit garden, bonsai, the fish pond, garden, and so on.

Park throughout the verdant trees, birds Shannon. Swan Lake also has a snake restaurants, visitors to taste our snake-style meal and Shanzhen game.

  Zoo kept in the western suburbs of Guangxi unique to the long arm of the monkey, rhino and lions, tigers, pandas and other rare birds and more than 170 kinds of animals, has a large lake of crocodiles, elephants Museum has recently completed an open, 10 As visitors to the performances. Lawn of the park visitors free to play with the pigeons. Zoo with a variety of entertainment facilities, children are the preferred place for the weekend.

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White Dragon Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

That is, People's Park, Battery Park Zhenning, White Dragon Lake, Jiuqu Qiao, goldfish market, the ice on the ground floor rooms, such as the scene of the martyrs monument. Northern Song Dynasty imperial-you-year period (1049-1054) in memory of Yongzhou Prefecture Taobi Di Qing, Yu Jing, Sun diarrhea in the construction of the "three Ancestral Hall," after the words "six Ancestral Hall." 26 years of the Republic of China ( 937), Guangdong and Guangxi Nanning Xunyue Shi Lu Rongting guard for the removal of six Fort Zhenning Ancestral Hall building. White Dragon Lake gets its name from before the millennium, according to Wang Song as "mind-hing to win," contains, in the Song Dynasty Di's unmanning this day that the lake was listed a group of Aries is a Posi The Long Walk, so called Dragon Lake. Bamboo Lake shade, swaying and weeping willows. Heart Lake has a small island, the island's west Jiuqu Qiao and three holes on the North Island Bridge will connect the island with the shore of Lake, West Lake of Hangzhou, some caused by the wind. Transport: From downtown Chaoyang Square, walk about 10 minutes to reach.

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Sound of water spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sound of water in the eastern suburbs of Liuzhou City is located in scenic areas, about 9 km from the urban area. Yishanbangshui, fresh air and pleasant weather, Jade, the elegant environment of the scenic stone as a result of the United States, odd holes, the peak show, which has a clear head was "little Guilin" reputation.

  Ring scenic water scenic spots as a result of "sound and Yunufeng River," named after. Chuan flows through the area within the ring system in the South China Sea River "little dragons" of the incarnation, stands beside the river, "Xiufeng," that is accompanied by day and night with little dragons, love in every possible way "Girl." Inside the area has been the development and utilization, and opening up to tourists visited scenic spots include: Fei Bao water ring, which rise amid Lady, the mountain is covered with leaves, water-ring spectacle-dong, iron chain , Shuilian Dong dance, ice-skating rinks, such as the Village. The water-rock sound, Yunufeng from south to north through the mountains, the cave 102 meters long, wide 9 - 20 meters high 5 - 4 meters with a total area of 1800 square meters. All the year round temperature inside the cave, 20 - 21 ?, Stalactite in thousands, rich and wonderful, spectacular scenery, as if outside its territory into the myth of the wonderful and unpredictable world. The caves have been developed for China's first cave in convalescence station.
  City workers within the scenic area of 10 hectares of nursing homes, is a set of medical care, rehabilitation resort, the degree of And tourism as one of the new multi-functional nursing homes. Hospital has a floor of the villa, the standard suites, common rooms, water sports and entertainment center, a swimming pool, Diaoyutai. OK karaoke song and dance halls, restaurants, the stadium doors, the Chamber, Yong Chang slide, fountain, garden, gym, etc., with a complete set of convalescence holiday, Music, travel, meetings, learning (training) services.

  In addition rung to the water viewing tourism, entertainment, but also can participate in the Yechui barbecue. Tent camping, swimming, folk customs have a get-together, and other fun activities, Fun for all.

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Dole Rock Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dole Rock Scenic Area is located 12 km south of Liuzhou City Department of Dole Cunpang Shanfu, named "Dole." Dole is not a rock cave, but the general term here Karst group. 12 by the scenic mountains, caves, 46, 3400 m-long section of the stream and 4 work-Lake, 10 km radius. Scenic areas within Surrounded by Hill, which rise amid Weiyi, Four Seasons flowers, shady trees, fresh air, with both mountains, water, forest, holes, rock beauty, abundant natural scenery, rich rural scenery around the resort.

Dole in 1973 was found in caves, Liuzhou City People's Government attached great importance to the appropriation of rock For the development and construction, in 1974, formally opened to visitors. In 1976, scientists of all rock music had a detailed inspection of Homo sapiens found inside the cave and femur as well as deciduous porcupine, bear, wolf, horse, deer fossils that had been inside the cave, ancient human or beast to stay, After identification of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Some of the original biological fossils 5 million years ago is the type of Health to study ancient human activity provided valuable information. Now on display outside the museum inside. In Liuzhou City People's Government's concern and investment in construction, scenic rock musicians have been gradually improving, has opened to tourists in Panlongdong, sky-hole, hole Shui-yun, Yan Ting, Guanyin Dong, the construction of the Tsui Lam Kok, Chai Yong Shi, Yibin floor, Huguang Hill, Pearl Lake, Xiang Zhai Mo, Shu-shan Forest of Stone Tablets, and other attractions. In 1990 all rock music was designated as scenic areas of the autonomous region-level scenic spots. Gardens Bureau of Liuzhou City in 1995 to invest more than 200 million new entrance area and sub-tropical plants King Area, shade-tolerant plants to build self-financing scenic landscape area in 1998 to commemorate Lin music capital. Yibin floor area of which are equipped with a restaurant and Huguang Hills restaurant, which can accommodate respectively 60 and 150 people dining and a further 13 stores are located in various scenic spots for tourists shoppers.
Dole rock
  19 3 years in Liuzhou City in the southern suburbs found a rare group of caves, caves in various areas from 2000 square meters to 1,000 meters to 3,000 meters to 4000 square meters range, inside the peculiar form of stalactites, pure stone integrity, stalagmites, columns, Shiman, Stone spent mine can be seen everywhere, and some magnificent momentum, and some Long visible, and some like animals, plants, and some, such as curtain Zhulian, Palace of houses. To the late 1990s, rock musicians have found a total of 46 large and small caves. Liuzhou City People's Government organizations in 1974, experts focused on the development of the dragon in the mountains of the three holes, that is, Panlongdong, sky-hole, water Hole, with colorful lights inside the cave, so that the landscape was magnificent off the magic of the glory, and worthy of Dongjing Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, Nanning Yi Ling Yan match, and has its own characteristics, as the "nature of the arts fantasy palace "The great value. In the same year, three-hole open to visitors, collectively known as "rock music." The rock music inside the cave, a total of 768 meters run with a total area of 6400 square meters, and hole-hole between the winding linked to the Road Tour, the famous scene of "Liujiang release schedule," "Welcome torch", "scenery of the South China Sea," "Village Dawn, "" Sanjieduige "and" flying window "," Lin downtown beasts "," Dole Fei Bao " Silk shop. "Panlongdong one-way travel more than 300 meters, 22 attractions, the famous scenic spots" Welcome torch "," scenery of the South China Sea, "" San Jie Chuan Song. "Sky-hole run-length over 100 meters, 14 JING, Rare few can be called a masterpiece of nature, "Dawn Village" in Cidong, had been Dongjing this Made of three-dimensional picture of the 1983 Beijing China International Exhibition on display, many visitors stop to hang around, much appreciation; Shuiyun long and narrow deep hole, run-length over 300 meters, 17 JING, "rhino water," King is a three - In the largest area of a cave, 20 m wide, 200 meters long.

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Dole Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuzhou is located in the south-eastern suburbs 12 kilometers Dole Park, 20 km radius, Pinnacle mountains, which rise amid ups and downs, is a karst cave to the landscape as the main body, is rich in natural scenery pastoral Landscape Park. The whole area by the 12 peaks, 46 caves, 700 hectares of green space, 30 More than 0 meters and the long stream of the four artificial lakes, the unique karst Dongjing "Dawn Hill," "scenery in Hainan," King, 52, run-length 678 meters, stalactite cave strange and varied, Xingshenjianbei. The main scenic spots are within Panlongdong, sky-hole, hole Shuiyun, Xian Yan Ting, Forest of Stone Tablets in stone, Long Everest Pearl Lake, Island Lake, national restaurants. One of the Panlongdong, sky-hole, three holes Shuiyun cave inside the cave, run-length 678 meters with a total area of more than 6400 square meters. Inside are thousands of attractions, the magnificent, magnificent magical, fascinating, during the "Welcome torch", "Dawn Hill," "San Jie of "" Flying window "," Lin beasts "," beautiful music "scene, more than amazing, as the nature of" art palace. "Dole area around Castle Peak, Green Flows, and Beautiful rural scenery. Here the art of calligraphy Beilin Qu, you can enjoy the many well-known art of calligraphy Treasures. Zhao Dan, the late well-known film artists to stay in this hand-written "all the world music", describe. Park now has a barbecue, a natural swimming pool, and Villa Resort, Island couple, and so on. In addition, the Peach Blossom Spring Park every year - Bauhinia Festival in the fall of the sunflower - Canna Festival attracted a large number of tourists coming to the Off.

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Yufeng Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuzhou Yufeng Park is located in the center, covering an area of 3.37 hectares. Yufeng the rise of the ground in the park, 88 meters high mountain. From the foot of a mountain along the winding stone path Teng-392 can reach the top. Peak view from the north, green river, the bridge six Fei Jia, the rise buildings and busy, "city pot" beautiful panoramic view. Yufeng As a result of Liu's book "Landscape near Liuzhou rule in mind those who can swim," said the "small but high-Hill, the legislation, such as fish-shaped" and named Li Yufeng Hill or stone fish.

Tree-lined hill, pavilions, reflected in the allocation of the four seasons between the evergreen shade of old trees. The mountains are cool, Yu-dong, the Pan-dong, Dong Shun Yeung, Tung Yin Feng, Sri Lanka rock, rock Sanjie seven caves, connected to each other through that hole there Yuan, Ming and Qing since Yufeng praise seekers can explore a number of stone 50. Yihong the foot of the clean water Xiaolongtan said. Yangguan a panoramic view on the banks of Lake, Lake matched peaks, such as Lei Yue Li Kui-tan face, known as the "South Lake diving," as one of the Liuzhou Ancient Eight. Halfway up seven holes Qualcomm called the "Qi Qiao well."

Legend has it that Zhuang Gexian Third Sister Liu in the folk song sung, and was riding a small fish Longtan heaven immortal. Third Sister Liu white marble statue of a hill, inside the cave, there are men and women Duige plastic sculptures. The first home is located in the downtown tourist cableway, the fish-san and Ma On Shan Link, To provide visitors a great convenience. Longtan is located south of the small "fine stone to play Hall", the Library has a collection of more than 100 varieties, more than 500 pieces of fine Shangshi. More historical sites in the park, the famous "Dai Qin tomb", "Yan San Jie", "Han-dong," "Ping Duige."

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Beaulieu Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beaulieu Liujiang Park is located on the east coast, the bar sambong Hill, Linjiang stands, such as the shape Beaulieu, this park named after. Broom Hill 3 bar peak, peak 197 meters above sea level, because of Xian Yao, Juan Xiu. Built in the Ming Dynasty in the mountains Wang Hillside Garden, the temple site, and so on. Xu Yu, after describing in detail, the wonders of this much praise. The mountain has a hexagonal five-story tower to the town of feng shui, it is also known as "Lin Feng embankment tower," Xi Hu during the 30 needed for air defense, was dismantled. Only the ground floor. In 1993 by the city government funding and donations from all walks of life who re-construction of "The Minaret." In addition to the ancient site rebuilt "The Minaret" and new " Long Tower, "a, echoed with the text of the minaret. Hexagonal tower of the seven-story building, King contrast to each other, such as plug Shuangjian. Equipped with a lantern on the twin towers, floodlights. Lantern tower and clock settings Device, when night fell, the lantern tower to open automatically, lights in all directions, like a brilliant pearl cuddle in the Liujiang River. So that the King City Especially traditional costumes.

There are mountains, "the temple site", "Wang Hillside Garden," "East-dong", and other cultural attractions. A strong religious culture and lead to eight points of the compass direction, Xiang Wu smoke around all day. At night, looking east from the Liujiang Bridge, the twin towers flashing lanterns, stars such as the Star-fly; Jiang Taying in inverted, such as Fuxiu women, and Fumie Liujiang Bridge, a component of heroic bearing colorful spot Meitu make a false charge of the night.

  "Wang Hillside Garden" is a first - a respected and that "mountains liuzhou Jia Tianxia" out jinshi Liuzhou scholar Wang Yuan's Department to study writing. "The temple site," located in the Mountain, covers an area of 150 Meters, the ancient temples color accounted for xiang, the temple there seat in the sun and hand, foot of the mountain as Pangu ancestors, the statues have drawn behind chaos in the early opening Yunqi mural of mountains and rivers. In the two blocks around the veranda there are plastic Nu Wa, Fu Xi, Sui, Shen Nong, such as statues and Xuanyuan "Kuafuzhuiri" and "Nu Wa Sky" mural painting. Miao Menwai rocks There are "born" Cliff stone, hanging by the door, "opened in the early chaotic world who respect God Pan Gu, Dian-Qian Kun long Miao-Yao Zhuang Han Jing Xuanyuan" Alliance, the column title "is only homologous Xuan Yan and send a hundred people Fat world wide, happy or make fire-hi 10,000 nesting competing show in the past, "together, Menbian" temple site, "set for the ancient Yan Zhenqing made of the word.? Book a plastic interior wall reliefs, on the ground "open days to split the" four great-ling. Ancient temples, full of culture and lead to eight points of the compass direction, Xiang Wu smoke around all day.
"Heaven and earth to open up here is famous Shengjing, pushing the history of Chen Zhao Bao see Katalin palace." Mid-levels of the door of this couplet vivid description of the Shan wins Broom Broom Hill changes from a pair of Tingtingyuli the hexagonal tower, the fine-sounding name "The Minaret" and "Dragon Tower", "The Minaret" built on top of the hill Broom Hill, "Beaulieu Tower" built in Linjiang Chi-san of the main peak of the top of the hill, the two towers at the end of the trail are 6 meters, the seven-story building was hexagonal shape. Wen 20.13 meters high minaret Qinghui for glazed tile ridge, a short-canopy, with Zhuanta style of the Qing Dynasty. "Beaulieu tower" high 26.28 meters, green glazed tile for measles, Qiaojiao cornices, decorated with the animals, hanging canopy Campanula angle. The two towers of various styles are lining King, such as two-Yu plug, the tranquil River. Liujiang looking east from the bridge, double eaves Tata Lantern Shuo, add radiance to each other, such as fly-stars, Jiang Taying in inverted, Yiyihuanghuang, as the Tingtingyuli a pair of small women, Shujuanfuxiu, and Fumie bridge a component of heroic bearing colorful Meitu night.

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Cheng Yang Feng Yuqiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheng Yang Yongji Bridge, also known as bridge, dragon bridge, located in Liuzhou Sanjiang county should ancient town 20 km to the north. Guangxi Zhuang region Feng Yuqiao many of the most famous one. Also known as Liuzhou City, Guangxi is located in the center, more than 100 km away from Guilin, which is in 2100 with a history of cultural cities. To Guangxi Can not look at ethnic customs, ethnic customs can not look at Liuzhou, Miao festival, the Dui Ge Zhuang, Yao and Dong ethnic dance of the building known as Liuzhou national conditions and customs "four no." Cheng Yang Feng Yuqiao is typical of the Dong ethnic architecture, across the River Lin of the structure of wood and stone bridge, built in 1916, five in the river Dadun stone bridge deck aircraft fir, wood shop. Bridge 64.4 meters long, 3.4 meters wide and 10.6 meters high. Its construction is to bring us any surprises, the whole bridge do not have to nail a riveting one, be the size of wood, wood chisel Xiangwen to mortise convergence, you have to admire the skills of the Dong people of the south-pointing carriage. On the bridge railings and a roof, 5, c. Pavilion, the Dong has a unique charm. Cheng Yang bridge has become a national key cultural unit. In the Sanjiang Dong Xiang, such as bridge Cheng Yang Feng Yuqiao there are many, Lin only had a dozen on the River Block, and Jiang's eight rural "Badou Bridge", only the rural dong "Pa Mission Bridge" and " Lian Hua Bridge ", the skills On, and Cheng Yang bridge can be comparable. Transport: Guilin to Liuzhou from the highway there, Guilin bus station every 20 minutes to the Liuzhou bus journey of about two and a half hours. Nanning, Liuzhou from the bus station to a double shift each day train journey of about 5 hours.

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Rongshui Miao Village - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rongshui Miao Autonomous County is located in the northern part of Guangxi, about 120 km away from the Liuzhou City, the territory inhabited by Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang and Han nationalities, and so on. Shanqingshuixiu here, the rich ethnic customs, in the beautiful bay of the River and on both sides of the Miao Village, the colorful song and dance Miao, the tension intense fight Miaojia horse, strange customs, unique Diaojiao Lou home, the magnificent national costumes, interesting taste of ethnic food, and so on, constitute a wonderful picture of national conditions and customs.

  Miao Shan enchanting water into the picturesque scenery, the Yuanbaoshan Weiwei, the vast Lin, Fei Bao, and the pit Youdong. Clean the bay of the river, with "Pui River Feihong" - Iron chain bridge, and longevity, and other temples rock landscape. This is the natural flora and fauna of the park, Quaternary glacial relict plant of the "Guangxi fir," more than 200 strains, is the newly discovered species of rare and precious.

The main attraction with more than 30. In the town 19 kilometers Department Pui River Bridge near the iron chain, a new four - The nation's first rural tourism village. Dressing the main village road is smooth, into the Lusheng Ping, Ma Ping fight to build a new national characteristics Mulou reception.

The village inhabited by more than 70 families are Hmong, in customs, building houses, language, clothing and so on have maintained a strong Miller Feature colorful step Lusheng dance hall, Colombia Mountain Dance and Latin America encouraged toast dance horse racing and fighting, fighting birds, and other little-known practices.

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East Gate tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East Gate City tower known as the "East" and "East Gate House," at the dawn of the district town in the middle East, north Lo Chi-Lane Road East, south Liujiang before Ming Hongwu 12 years (Year 1379) , Now 600 years. At present, as the East Building of Guangxi to preserve the integrity of the Ming Dynasty more Shing House, calendar Frequent repair. The beginning of construction, care for city use, money Xianfeng years have been a fire, the first year of Emperor Guangxu (1875) by the name Guo Liuzhou one of the architects (Yi name) reconstruction. As a dedicated civil-win Guan Di, "the Emperor Court," there are statues of the gods, incense Miao Zhu also Sasao, during the New Year, both within and outside the East Gate Family pilgrimage to the upper floors. Guangxu years, the East Gate Street, a charity hi to thank the Blessed, squire invited business people to set up Single-owned will be scheduled for May 13 session, held at the temple, acting alcohol, and the acquisition of several real estate, rent collection over the years for temple . Anti-war Sun, Single will be closed.
  City under the stage, In 17 years (in 1928) removed into the engine room telephone office building. In 36 years, the CPC Guangxi underground as editing and printing the "Guangxi Daily" Liuzhou version of the site. After new China was founded, the production will be transferred to the City schools. After the liberation of the Government 5th come back for maintenance and repair, making it swim And a good place to watch the scenery. 1961 units are classified as municipal heritage; East Gate tower as a result of high historical, artistic value, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Government in 1994 will be the focus of its heritage as a unit. Maintenance in 1998, largely to restore the Ming Dynasty Liuzhou, "the text into western Guangdong Sheng's County, "Fu weather, and add to display the ancient city of Liuzhou.
  East Gate tower momentum of the grand, ancient generous, bordering Liujiang, the distance light of Taishan, Sally impressive game, the victory over Crane, has always been around antique watch and Liuzhou's a good place for scenery. Ming Dynasty city of Liuzhou only brick building, the city was one of the original oval-shaped, not Fortification common in the north square is also different from the southern strip or block plane in the form of Putrajaya, the East Building is at this oval track on the city. East Gate City, the existing brick wall over 120 meters, 7 meters high wall pass, about 6 meters thick. Today's city walls - and women Duokou wall for more than 90 repair of resumed. East Gate tower ride south, covers an area of 500 square meters, 17 meters high and 20 meters wide, 11 meters into the deep, by the Qiao Lou Shing Mun and made up of two parts. Shing Mun to make a large stone base, brick wall out. At the top of the existing large openings in the Ming Dynasty inscription book "East Gate", the department, "Li Hongwu April 14." Openings for city Certificates doors, walls outside the city to the south side of the wall canopy openings 3.43 meters high, 3.36 meters wide, the canopy on the back of a city high side door opening 4.62 m, 4.02 m wide, connected to the two hole for the channel, the formation of a Yuan Dong, cool in summer The wind blowing gently, hi to all residents in the vicinity of the shade, the hawkers are selling this focus, rather Downtown. Shing Mun woodshed for the plate, nails, iron, anti-guns, chain lock clearance, the Republic of China 10 years ago, Guan City after nightfall.
  Shing Mun for a two-tier Qiaolou. Garden column-free building brackets, directly supporting the top layer. Liang Jia structure to carry beam-Chuan Dou and mixed architecture, Girder "9 Liang", a support Yanzhu Purlin canopies, no spinal column melon, based on flower-bearing plate to the "three Leung," Leung pest birds spend the shelves are decorated antique. To the top floor of a balanced cantilever column for support, the ingenious structure of the abnormal. House decorated with animal kiss-long ridge, the corner Ling cornices, and the magnificent momentum. The main building of Paris Yan Xia Guang Xu of the original six-year suspension has ap tribute Health Shengzu (the word wu) by the book "beyond shock" at the end of the Green black Hengbian (destroyed during the Cultural Revolution), and Simon's "Lai Chack against the" horizontal inscribed board to use the same code for the "Book of Changes", are painting the entire floor Green, an Oriental Yu Qing meaning.
  Among the main hall as plastic Guan Yunchang, shrines on both sides of the plastic-related holding India's knife-wielding Zhou Cang Li-like, on niche He at the end of a horizontal inscribed board, "similar pen knife." Kuan Kung is a Buddhist shrine on both sides of the plastic 2. Ershibasu wooden statues are on the top floor, Guangxu 30 years, the upper floors for use by Cable and Wireless, the statue moved to head downstairs door to door before it is too late in the first-Gate Tower, next to the clay Xiangan were quite Shen Jun horse. Since the adoption of the East Gate tower Zhong Yan Xie Shanding Roof-timbers Chuandou system Qiaojiao cornices, the shape of Qiaojiao spot claw, heavy fine, it has a shallow eaves, simple, practical, generous ancient Ming and Qing architectural characteristics and stable, robust style, reflects the time To create a superb technical skills and originality of design. This high-style floor of the ancient and solemn generous, A crown of the tower is rich in the characteristics of ancient architecture in the South. New City in 1991 out sand table model and the ancient fort.

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Sanjiang Dong Xiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuzhou Shengju Wang traveling from the north 200 kilometers, is located into the Hunan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces adjacent to the zone of the Sanjiang Dong Xiang, Yan Xi Linhe area, there will be a number of high national characteristics of the people Mulou homes, which is to retain the integrity of the Dongxiang Residential areas, with their strong tradition of folk culture and mysterious, desirable. Low mountains and hills dominated the landscape of the Sanjiang County, Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is the Xuefeng Mountain, the more the city and Miao Ling Ling mountain range extension Strip, Pinnacle Mountain County, winding down; life here is the main body of the Dong ethnic, total County, 53.6 percent of the population. Since the Dong ethnic compatriots in the clothing, food, housing and a line To highlight the very distinctive ethnic characteristics, combined with the magic Dongxiang beautiful natural scenery, as well as a variety of traditional festivals so that the three rivers in Guangxi region into ethnic customs and scenery of the tourist hot spot.

Sanjiang tourists to travel, you can enjoy the unique architecture, world-famous national treasure - Cheng Ma Feng Yuqiao, as well as fat and Drum Tower Dongxiang people care, you can enjoy the simplicity of ancient folk Dong Jia, also may participate in the grand scale of the nation's traditional festival activities.

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Jin Xiulian Huashan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kim Soo-Yao Autonomous County of Guangxi is located in Guangxi in the mountains east of the Great Yao, Dayaoshan Guangxi as the main body of Kim Soo-Yao Autonomous County in the mountains in the territory, also known as Kim Soo-Dayaoshan. The county with a total area of more than 2500 square kilometers, of which the provincial level scenic resort area of more than 500 square kilometers, the county forest cover 87% more than the merging of more than 60 million mu of forests there. Therefore, Kim Soo-Dayaoshan Guangxi is the largest reservoir of green and a national forest park and National Nature Reserve. Kim Soo-and therefore also named to Jinshan Silk meaning.

  As Yao Autonomous County can not be less Family style. In the ancestral home of Kim Soo-Dayaoshan whole county of Yao cell population accounted for 40% of the Yao compatriots in their origins, language, dress and customs are different, set into Yao, Yao Dasan, Au Yao, Shan-yao and blue flowers such as Yao The five branches, constitute the world's largest number of branches of the Yao county, forming a colorful style of the Yao . World-renowned sociologist Fei Xiaotong said: "Yao Research Center in China, the China Research Center at the Kim Su Yao." Yao in the world where there is capital in the world.
  Leshan benevolent and wise water music, no matter what you are, this style of the show can meet you, it has great variety and beautiful natural scenery More than 500 square kilometers of scenic spots from the northeast to the southwest into an even, heaven Ling, Kim Soo-Laoshan, Lin Fa Shan, Ocean Hill, Church Hill, Mountain and Long Shan army, and other famous mountains, these are big Yao Shan Shandan Xia-Ling Xiao Mian Tower just the landscape, near the Tropic of Cancer as a result of abundant rainfall superiority and where to Location of the damage as small as well as the ecological coordination, making it the oldest geological formation, and more to the ridge line, deep canyons, beautiful scenery, clear water Dan Feng, Zhu Ya trees. Quiet, mysterious, dangerous Jun, the ancient wild natural landscape.

At the same time, it also has a cool and pleasant climate. County and tourist areas in major Hill hinterland of more than 1000m above sea level and wooded, gurgling water everywhere, with an average annual temperature of 17 ?, and the temperature difference is not, without the summer heat and winter cold without even the dog days, still have to go to bed at night Gaimian Pi, the climate is very pleasant. There is no air pollution, the air is extremely clean, the experts determined the air The negative ion content as high as 60,000 /square centimeters above average levels for 9194 /cm2, the water quality is better than "surface water environmental quality standards," a standard lower than the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere "air quality" level 5-10 standard cell. In this way away from the fairyland on earth Travel in the world, is a rare treat.

The mountain is rich in animal and plant resources. Dayaoshan of the huge mountain, the origin of the ancient, complex terrain, and to the special geographical location, soil moisture, natural fertility, so as to create a wide range of biological survival of a rare condition "Haven." So here the rich plant and animal species, the number of large, Guangxi ranks first in the Hill. Science and Technology Organization in 1982, according to the autonomous region of Guangxi Dayaoshan comprehensive statistical report of the inspection team, Section 213 vascular plants, 870 genera and 3335 kinds. 347 kinds of terrestrial vertebrates, insects, 24 836 kinds of Section 176, Class 119 kinds of butterflies, flora constitute elements of ancient and complex, and a wide variety of rare and the gene pool. Plant known as giant pandas living fossil plants - silver fir, at the national level to protect the animals living fossil "Dayaoshan Tuatara," at the national level to protect the butterfly gold Teinopalpus such as red is shattered The strong growth of the disaster here.

In 1933, the KMT adopted by the Guangxi provincial government "That opened up the case Dayaoshan" also Dayaoshan Kim Soo-mentioned high-grade: That wrote, Kim Soo-Dayaoshan, "plug-Yun Feng chaos, white shade, Qiao Song Deep Wei, Man Shan trees, vines called node, mountain Jing Yan, Qinrenxinpi; and stream-ming, pest birds with music, really the human world Taoyuan cents States has not been! "" Hard to scenic spots in Guilin province's side, as good as if a fraction of the ... ... into the summer, while Brighter Summer Day, Moganshan were called after having left behind. "Unfortunately, because we all know the reasons for the above opinions and initiatives Been shelved. Guangxi Dayaoshan as "purdah in custody did not know" we Guixiu has been no cry of alarm for the outside world to know it until the last few years, Dayaoshan was able to take off the veil of mystery that layer, the exhibition reveal her natural beauty of the Appearance. After just a few years, Yin Shan Park, forest resort, Lin Fa Shan, King Hill, Church Hill and other tourist areas one after another to take shape to open to visitors. In addition to these projects has been the development of tourism, there are a large number of the original state of natural scenery and ethnic villages, I believe that soon will be out of the country famous Guangxi.

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Mo Ya Shu Xincheng Tusi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tusi Mo Ya Shu Xincheng County Wanli Ming only 10 years, 1963 was set at the provincial level protection unit, in November 1996 was designated as the national key cultural unit. As well as the existing Asia is the largest and most complete preservation of the building one of the toast, as the "Forbidden City Zhuang", is the toast of China's research Chapter things important example of the system. Mo Tusi not far from the eastern side of the Ya Shu, Wanli of the Ming to the beginning of the "three-money concept" (later known as the "Temple of the Three Realms"), for "three realms of public", the legendary drug Medicine Zhuang, basic Intact. Tusi culture of the excavation, research, is to protect the nation Zhuang and an integral part of national culture.

Tusi is the Yuan, Ming and Qing towards the ethnic minority areas in the given ethnic minority hereditary chief official in order to rule the peoples of the system. Also refers to the official, was awarded.

Mo's Xincheng Tusi, the only security system Zumo Yongding ( Yizhou) Zhuang people. Yuan positive years (1341-1368), was awarded the Yishan (this Yizhou) Sin Tuen 1000 level. Wu Ming-hong (1368-1398) in the early years, Mr Bao was dismissed from office, thus rate descendant and pro-D, Xi Ju Xincheng territory. Wing-lok 2002 (1404) Xuan Chen Xincheng Introduction Xincheng Yao Zhuang peasant uprising, the county government attack, firing institution, Xianzai Su Qi Cheng ran wide, Mo Mo great-great-grandson Paul King City to participate in repression, was elected Tuguan. So there are two counties so that soil flow together, however, do not the right system, air flow official grip India every year to the county shall serve in the winter and spring only twice, when more than rent Fu home. Koji nine years (1496 ), Xincheng County, the county fell to earth. Since then, Mozambique's Tuguan be hereditary, Xincheng dominate the world. Mo Li-Tusi's Ming and Qing dynasties, to the 19th term of office as a result of Tuguanmosheng Wu, "even if bandits us disaster, the world economy of its evil," in 32 years Guangxu (1906) was withdrawn in April, their children and grandchildren Please never allowed to re-attack. Mo's toast to the county It was already part of the land for; Politically, the implementation of the dictatorship; military, Yang had reached 1,000, the suppression of peasant uprisings.

Mo Tusi's rule, think of building training for the Cabinet to persuade farmers to stop by; actively develop strong production Kam; pass amendments, the Rural Road and erect a bridge, to encourage farmers to the development of private economy Founder of justice, attention to the economic and cultural development.

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Like Hot Springs State - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot Springs State as the old name of PU water-chuen, formerly known as the "Hua Chi Spa", the local people traditionally known as "hot water", Xiangzhou Xian is located 7 km from the eastern outskirts of the city. Around the hot springs surrounded by low mountains, quaint villages on the field, building scattered high and low, one strong rural home life. I spread out in dozens of spring fieldwork, the spring water from spewing out One of Stephen and ease flow from south to north of the river the same, hot water, white wave, and Yu Yu Pianpian find underwater, up and down if two-Jiaoyun water, the water temperature gradually moderate, suitable for bathing. If the eggs into the hot water poured in, 20 - 30 minutes cooked, fresh and delicious taste. "Pu Quan of water" Eight states as one of the early morning of the winter and spring, a stream of air and the morning mist, smoke integration, villages, fields, bathed in a stream of them, albeit not very clearly, Piaomiao unreal, like a very dynamic and colorful picture, the landscape is Isshiki, one pastoral scenery. Hot spring with a unique charm, attracting many thousands of years Tourists, the famous Ming Dynasty poet, wrote LIU Zhi-ying, who left Hot Springs Fu fine-sounding name:

Xia Jing warm smoke is not steam mill, as if Seonwon Naengjeong off the Galaxy.
Dan burn the well clear liquid mercury, Xun Feng Qin, since Green Wave.
Fei Bao lose convective clouds solemn and quiet, with cold seeps, and Shaoyang.
Clear Jijizili , Mo unusual for water rock song.
Hot water system by the state as the earth's crust deep inside the rock formation cycle, with good natural conditions for the closure, water quality, large flows. A high mineral water, the Department of paragraph fissure cave water pressure, water temperature at 73 ? - 77 ?, the highest temperature reached 85 ?, a stable flow per hour 2 5 tons, clear spring water in a transparent, colorless, tasteless, non-polluting. By the Ministry of Light Industry, Zhongshan Medical University, and other scientific experts to identify and practice has proved that with spring water Piangui Suan, strontium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iodine, fluorine, barium, and so on more than 20 kinds of useful on the human body The trace elements. "Wei Wen," " Wen, "and" high temperature "of the three-bath, can adapt to the cardiovascular system, nervous system, the secretion of the health care system, surgery, gynecology, dermatology and treatment of diseases such as influenza have a significant effect, and in line with the promulgation of the national drink With mineral water standards.

Hot Springs Resort as the state has built in the county have a trip The hotel's spa, swimming pools, restaurants, shower rooms, business investment and construction of the hot springs at the source area of landscape (the source of the hotel), as well as various types of holiday Villa Taiwan's wholly-owned mineral water plant, and other tourist facilities, the basic form of "food, shelter, , Travel, purchase, entertainment, therapy, "as one of the seven elements of the sacred holiday. In addition Po Li Huiquan from real estate investment and development company with high quality, as the state of Shan Hua Chi Spa Resort project planning through assessment, the project is about to move.

The value of treating spa bath

Regular hot bath, can play an elimination of fatigue, and improve the physical health of effectiveness, now in Medical University Professor Chen Guibing "On the state as the hot spring bath treatment value" to introduce the contents are as follows:
First, bath therapy and the role of the

1, Wei Wen bath: water temperature 34-36 ?, which is going to be a central nervous system suppression,?????, the body makes people feel comfortable starting or induce drowsiness Duration of the water bath for 15-30 minutes or longer, but there are not sweating, otherwise we can not achieve calm. This bath therapy for neurosis (-excited), cerebral hemorrhage, and other after-effects of a significant effect.

2, Wen-ping bath: water temperature 37-38 ?, Bath 10-20 minutes, which is commonly used therapy in general bath temperature, it can ease the spasm and improve blood circulation, flexible movements, to reduce skin system, but also the role of sedation analgesia. , After bath or micro-sweating, for chronic arthritis, muscle pain, sports injuries and leave behind their organ disease, paralysis, neuralgia, as early as High blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, autonomic imbalance, neurasthenia, with gynecological diseases, endocrine system dysfunction therapeutic.

3, bath temperature: water temperature at 39-42 ?, water bath time for 5-15 minutes, it can expand blood vessels and speed up blood circulation and promote metabolism, rule out the disease Product, which will help to restore the function of the organization, often used for chronic rheumatism, arthritis, lumbar muscle strain, neuralgia, chronic skin diseases, and so on. However, due to strong irritation of the heat will cause a large number of sweat, have a greater impact on the cardiovascular, it should pay attention to the health of patients, especially the elderly, weak, energy Function should be careful not healthy, such as water bath when the pulse more than 120 times, they have to stop bath to avoid accidents.

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Guests travel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Laibin Shi, an ancient city; Laibin Shi, a young star.

Said the old, because she has more than 2,000 years of history, remarkable; said that the young, because she is on December 28, 2002 was officially launched in the cities, yet Over two years. Only the oldest, the more the truth is the charm; only its young, dynamic vitality see indemnity.

  Located in the central part of Guangxi Laibin Shi, known as "in Guangxi." The whole city area of more than 13,400 square kilometers, the population of 2,450,000 people, Xing jurisdiction bin area, Heshan City, Xincheng County, Wuxuan County, as County, Kim Soo-ethnic autonomous county 4 District 1 City 1, the territory of the Zhuang, Han, Yao more than 10 nationalities live in harmony.

  Clear advantage. Hunan, Guangxi, railway, highway Guihai through the urban area, south of industrial city of Liuzhou in Guangxi 60 kilometers north of Guangxi Nanning, the capital city 156 kilometers, is a big South access to the sea an essential organic whole, is focused on the development of Guangxi's Red River economic belt is an important component part of the territory of 3 National Highway 4 through the neighborhood, the Red River and the city had more ,500 - 800 tons of ships Direct flights to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao.

  Distinctive cultural features As early as 3 million years ago, the Paleolithic, known as the Armstrong family's ancestor, "Kirin Shanren" survive here. Qin unified Lingnan, in this territory of Laibin Shi set up the first county-level administrative Kenji, has been the history in 2216, Han, the three countries, the Southern and Northern Dynasties are located in the territory of Guilin Junzhi. By experts and scholars study confirmed that Pan Bin is the birthplace of culture, so far as to keep the core of the myth of Pan Pan, including temples, places, festivals, dance, play the original libretto, including the ecological and cultural Pangu.

  Various types of products. Rice, sugar, peanuts, tea, fruit, anise, and other agricultural products for a long time Reputation, Kim Su-Ling Yao Autonomous County of vanilla, Gynostemma, the county's three-Hua Wu Xuan Li, longan, Xincheng County, honeysuckle, pigeon, Xiangzhou Xian's famous native products such as Pueraria thomsonii famous. At present, the city's forest coverage rate reached 43.4 percent, Kim Soo-called "Chinese star anise town", is the region's largest water-lin Protection areas.

  Energy-rich mineral deposits. At present, all kinds of proven mineral deposits more than 20, the Xiangzhou Xian barite exports for many years in retaining its position as the first in Guangxi; in the city of Heshan coal reserves of more than 670,000,000 tons, "Guangxi is coal," said; the territory of thermal power , Is rich in hydropower resources, in addition to the guests outside the power plant China still has a first BOT project foreign guests B thermal power plant, Heshan power plant in Guangxi is the largest coal-fired power plants, the installed capacity of 600,000 kilowatts of Xincheng Letan expansion of the first generating unit can be completed by the end of this generation . Gong guests Bridge Station and Kim Soo-rokko hydropower station is under planning and construction, Head completed, the city's total thermal power installed capacity of hydropower will reach 4,000,000 kilowatts, Guangxi will become one of the largest energy base, "east" of leading Project.

  Industrial begun to take shape. The city's existing 600 industrial enterprises, electricity, sugar refining, smelting has become a branch Industry; paper, building materials, pharmaceuticals, minerals, farm produce processing industry to a certain scale; there are a number of local resources and industry characteristics have emerged one after another, a group with strong market competitiveness of products debut. Bayi ferroalloy plant is currently the country's largest manganese ferroalloy production base metal guest Indium Smelter Project annual indium output of the world's indium output of 1 /4; the city's 13 large and medium-sized sugar, total capacity of 50,000 tons pressing; planning a new industrial park in order to "high, a new, strong," as the goal, according to the Full-featured, advanced technology and beautiful environment of modern industrial park design, is now fully operational. Tourism prospects. Been referred to as "Zhuang Autonomous National Palace Museum" Xincheng County's Mo Ya Shu Tusi, is the largest of the existing Asia, to preserve the integrity of the buildings Tusi; have a "hot spring in the first China-South Africa," known as the State of Hua Chi Spa, is the leisure vacation Excellent place for; approximately 5 km of the cliff a hundred Wuxuan Daxia It is the best choice for adventure Xunyou; the church Su Shan, Lin Fa Shan unlimited scenery, as a whole is Dayaoshan national forest parks, state-level nature reserves, Dongnuanxialiang, fresh air is rare Summer resort; Zhuang's "three-March," Yao "Wang Pan Festival" national holiday to the rich Color; Laibin Shi is a well-known stone town, the Red River stones, Cao Hua-stone to various forms of high quality and well-known both at home and abroad, "Jia Tianxia stones guests" reputation.

  A good investment environment. Jian City in the past two years, construction of urban infrastructure and municipal construction progress by leaps and bounds The city is forming an integrated transport facilities, adequate water and electricity supply, advanced communications, urban infrastructure features of the new structure. At the same time, the city improve the efficiency of the Government, the business of "nanny" services for investors, create a good business park. French electrical group in the north, Asia Kang Mi Lo Co., Ltd., the British Sugar Industry Group, Guangdong Dongguan Sugar Corporation, and so on a large number of foreign countries, outside the large enterprises have settled in Laibin Shi. Guests, business investment is becoming a hot spot for home side.

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