Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sound of water spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sound of water in the eastern suburbs of Liuzhou City is located in scenic areas, about 9 km from the urban area. Yishanbangshui, fresh air and pleasant weather, Jade, the elegant environment of the scenic stone as a result of the United States, odd holes, the peak show, which has a clear head was "little Guilin" reputation.

  Ring scenic water scenic spots as a result of "sound and Yunufeng River," named after. Chuan flows through the area within the ring system in the South China Sea River "little dragons" of the incarnation, stands beside the river, "Xiufeng," that is accompanied by day and night with little dragons, love in every possible way "Girl." Inside the area has been the development and utilization, and opening up to tourists visited scenic spots include: Fei Bao water ring, which rise amid Lady, the mountain is covered with leaves, water-ring spectacle-dong, iron chain , Shuilian Dong dance, ice-skating rinks, such as the Village. The water-rock sound, Yunufeng from south to north through the mountains, the cave 102 meters long, wide 9 - 20 meters high 5 - 4 meters with a total area of 1800 square meters. All the year round temperature inside the cave, 20 - 21 ?, Stalactite in thousands, rich and wonderful, spectacular scenery, as if outside its territory into the myth of the wonderful and unpredictable world. The caves have been developed for China's first cave in convalescence station.
  City workers within the scenic area of 10 hectares of nursing homes, is a set of medical care, rehabilitation resort, the degree of And tourism as one of the new multi-functional nursing homes. Hospital has a floor of the villa, the standard suites, common rooms, water sports and entertainment center, a swimming pool, Diaoyutai. OK karaoke song and dance halls, restaurants, the stadium doors, the Chamber, Yong Chang slide, fountain, garden, gym, etc., with a complete set of convalescence holiday, Music, travel, meetings, learning (training) services.

  In addition rung to the water viewing tourism, entertainment, but also can participate in the Yechui barbecue. Tent camping, swimming, folk customs have a get-together, and other fun activities, Fun for all.

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