Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sanjiang Dong Xiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuzhou Shengju Wang traveling from the north 200 kilometers, is located into the Hunan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces adjacent to the zone of the Sanjiang Dong Xiang, Yan Xi Linhe area, there will be a number of high national characteristics of the people Mulou homes, which is to retain the integrity of the Dongxiang Residential areas, with their strong tradition of folk culture and mysterious, desirable. Low mountains and hills dominated the landscape of the Sanjiang County, Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is the Xuefeng Mountain, the more the city and Miao Ling Ling mountain range extension Strip, Pinnacle Mountain County, winding down; life here is the main body of the Dong ethnic, total County, 53.6 percent of the population. Since the Dong ethnic compatriots in the clothing, food, housing and a line To highlight the very distinctive ethnic characteristics, combined with the magic Dongxiang beautiful natural scenery, as well as a variety of traditional festivals so that the three rivers in Guangxi region into ethnic customs and scenery of the tourist hot spot.

Sanjiang tourists to travel, you can enjoy the unique architecture, world-famous national treasure - Cheng Ma Feng Yuqiao, as well as fat and Drum Tower Dongxiang people care, you can enjoy the simplicity of ancient folk Dong Jia, also may participate in the grand scale of the nation's traditional festival activities.

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