Wednesday, December 24, 2008

White Dragon Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

That is, People's Park, Battery Park Zhenning, White Dragon Lake, Jiuqu Qiao, goldfish market, the ice on the ground floor rooms, such as the scene of the martyrs monument. Northern Song Dynasty imperial-you-year period (1049-1054) in memory of Yongzhou Prefecture Taobi Di Qing, Yu Jing, Sun diarrhea in the construction of the "three Ancestral Hall," after the words "six Ancestral Hall." 26 years of the Republic of China ( 937), Guangdong and Guangxi Nanning Xunyue Shi Lu Rongting guard for the removal of six Fort Zhenning Ancestral Hall building. White Dragon Lake gets its name from before the millennium, according to Wang Song as "mind-hing to win," contains, in the Song Dynasty Di's unmanning this day that the lake was listed a group of Aries is a Posi The Long Walk, so called Dragon Lake. Bamboo Lake shade, swaying and weeping willows. Heart Lake has a small island, the island's west Jiuqu Qiao and three holes on the North Island Bridge will connect the island with the shore of Lake, West Lake of Hangzhou, some caused by the wind. Transport: From downtown Chaoyang Square, walk about 10 minutes to reach.

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