Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dole Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuzhou is located in the south-eastern suburbs 12 kilometers Dole Park, 20 km radius, Pinnacle mountains, which rise amid ups and downs, is a karst cave to the landscape as the main body, is rich in natural scenery pastoral Landscape Park. The whole area by the 12 peaks, 46 caves, 700 hectares of green space, 30 More than 0 meters and the long stream of the four artificial lakes, the unique karst Dongjing "Dawn Hill," "scenery in Hainan," King, 52, run-length 678 meters, stalactite cave strange and varied, Xingshenjianbei. The main scenic spots are within Panlongdong, sky-hole, hole Shuiyun, Xian Yan Ting, Forest of Stone Tablets in stone, Long Everest Pearl Lake, Island Lake, national restaurants. One of the Panlongdong, sky-hole, three holes Shuiyun cave inside the cave, run-length 678 meters with a total area of more than 6400 square meters. Inside are thousands of attractions, the magnificent, magnificent magical, fascinating, during the "Welcome torch", "Dawn Hill," "San Jie of "" Flying window "," Lin beasts "," beautiful music "scene, more than amazing, as the nature of" art palace. "Dole area around Castle Peak, Green Flows, and Beautiful rural scenery. Here the art of calligraphy Beilin Qu, you can enjoy the many well-known art of calligraphy Treasures. Zhao Dan, the late well-known film artists to stay in this hand-written "all the world music", describe. Park now has a barbecue, a natural swimming pool, and Villa Resort, Island couple, and so on. In addition, the Peach Blossom Spring Park every year - Bauhinia Festival in the fall of the sunflower - Canna Festival attracted a large number of tourists coming to the Off.

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