Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Zoo in the western suburbs - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The zoo is located in the western suburbs of the western suburbs of Nanning City Wuli Ting, also known as the western suburbs of the park is a comprehensive zoo. Covers an area of more than 460,000 square meters. Park, water district with an area of about 80,000 square meters, named Swan Lake.

Hill Park Slope and downs, around lakes, winding paths meandering, lush bamboo, animal-color birds Hall, scattered in an orderly manner Park of the main things to animals, miniature garden for the meeting. Francoisi a white leaf monkeys, gibbons, hornbills, and other rare animals in Guangxi, some panda, hippo, gorillas, giraffes, and so close to 2000 more than 170 kinds of animals for visitors to watch. Hill also has a liger, Bear Mountain, an elephant museum, crocodile lake, pond seals, birds Hall, and so on, do not have a taste of performing elephants every day to attract a large number of visitors. The Museum of animals between the two is Biyou Lai Chi Yuen, Park pears, banana trees, olive trees, mango trees, and so on Taohua Yuan. In addition, there are tropical fruit garden, bonsai, the fish pond, garden, and so on.

Park throughout the verdant trees, birds Shannon. Swan Lake also has a snake restaurants, visitors to taste our snake-style meal and Shanzhen game.

  Zoo kept in the western suburbs of Guangxi unique to the long arm of the monkey, rhino and lions, tigers, pandas and other rare birds and more than 170 kinds of animals, has a large lake of crocodiles, elephants Museum has recently completed an open, 10 As visitors to the performances. Lawn of the park visitors free to play with the pigeons. Zoo with a variety of entertainment facilities, children are the preferred place for the weekend.

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