Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yufeng Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuzhou Yufeng Park is located in the center, covering an area of 3.37 hectares. Yufeng the rise of the ground in the park, 88 meters high mountain. From the foot of a mountain along the winding stone path Teng-392 can reach the top. Peak view from the north, green river, the bridge six Fei Jia, the rise buildings and busy, "city pot" beautiful panoramic view. Yufeng As a result of Liu's book "Landscape near Liuzhou rule in mind those who can swim," said the "small but high-Hill, the legislation, such as fish-shaped" and named Li Yufeng Hill or stone fish.

Tree-lined hill, pavilions, reflected in the allocation of the four seasons between the evergreen shade of old trees. The mountains are cool, Yu-dong, the Pan-dong, Dong Shun Yeung, Tung Yin Feng, Sri Lanka rock, rock Sanjie seven caves, connected to each other through that hole there Yuan, Ming and Qing since Yufeng praise seekers can explore a number of stone 50. Yihong the foot of the clean water Xiaolongtan said. Yangguan a panoramic view on the banks of Lake, Lake matched peaks, such as Lei Yue Li Kui-tan face, known as the "South Lake diving," as one of the Liuzhou Ancient Eight. Halfway up seven holes Qualcomm called the "Qi Qiao well."

Legend has it that Zhuang Gexian Third Sister Liu in the folk song sung, and was riding a small fish Longtan heaven immortal. Third Sister Liu white marble statue of a hill, inside the cave, there are men and women Duige plastic sculptures. The first home is located in the downtown tourist cableway, the fish-san and Ma On Shan Link, To provide visitors a great convenience. Longtan is located south of the small "fine stone to play Hall", the Library has a collection of more than 100 varieties, more than 500 pieces of fine Shangshi. More historical sites in the park, the famous "Dai Qin tomb", "Yan San Jie", "Han-dong," "Ping Duige."

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