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Beaulieu Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beaulieu Liujiang Park is located on the east coast, the bar sambong Hill, Linjiang stands, such as the shape Beaulieu, this park named after. Broom Hill 3 bar peak, peak 197 meters above sea level, because of Xian Yao, Juan Xiu. Built in the Ming Dynasty in the mountains Wang Hillside Garden, the temple site, and so on. Xu Yu, after describing in detail, the wonders of this much praise. The mountain has a hexagonal five-story tower to the town of feng shui, it is also known as "Lin Feng embankment tower," Xi Hu during the 30 needed for air defense, was dismantled. Only the ground floor. In 1993 by the city government funding and donations from all walks of life who re-construction of "The Minaret." In addition to the ancient site rebuilt "The Minaret" and new " Long Tower, "a, echoed with the text of the minaret. Hexagonal tower of the seven-story building, King contrast to each other, such as plug Shuangjian. Equipped with a lantern on the twin towers, floodlights. Lantern tower and clock settings Device, when night fell, the lantern tower to open automatically, lights in all directions, like a brilliant pearl cuddle in the Liujiang River. So that the King City Especially traditional costumes.

There are mountains, "the temple site", "Wang Hillside Garden," "East-dong", and other cultural attractions. A strong religious culture and lead to eight points of the compass direction, Xiang Wu smoke around all day. At night, looking east from the Liujiang Bridge, the twin towers flashing lanterns, stars such as the Star-fly; Jiang Taying in inverted, such as Fuxiu women, and Fumie Liujiang Bridge, a component of heroic bearing colorful spot Meitu make a false charge of the night.

  "Wang Hillside Garden" is a first - a respected and that "mountains liuzhou Jia Tianxia" out jinshi Liuzhou scholar Wang Yuan's Department to study writing. "The temple site," located in the Mountain, covers an area of 150 Meters, the ancient temples color accounted for xiang, the temple there seat in the sun and hand, foot of the mountain as Pangu ancestors, the statues have drawn behind chaos in the early opening Yunqi mural of mountains and rivers. In the two blocks around the veranda there are plastic Nu Wa, Fu Xi, Sui, Shen Nong, such as statues and Xuanyuan "Kuafuzhuiri" and "Nu Wa Sky" mural painting. Miao Menwai rocks There are "born" Cliff stone, hanging by the door, "opened in the early chaotic world who respect God Pan Gu, Dian-Qian Kun long Miao-Yao Zhuang Han Jing Xuanyuan" Alliance, the column title "is only homologous Xuan Yan and send a hundred people Fat world wide, happy or make fire-hi 10,000 nesting competing show in the past, "together, Menbian" temple site, "set for the ancient Yan Zhenqing made of the word.? Book a plastic interior wall reliefs, on the ground "open days to split the" four great-ling. Ancient temples, full of culture and lead to eight points of the compass direction, Xiang Wu smoke around all day.
"Heaven and earth to open up here is famous Shengjing, pushing the history of Chen Zhao Bao see Katalin palace." Mid-levels of the door of this couplet vivid description of the Shan wins Broom Broom Hill changes from a pair of Tingtingyuli the hexagonal tower, the fine-sounding name "The Minaret" and "Dragon Tower", "The Minaret" built on top of the hill Broom Hill, "Beaulieu Tower" built in Linjiang Chi-san of the main peak of the top of the hill, the two towers at the end of the trail are 6 meters, the seven-story building was hexagonal shape. Wen 20.13 meters high minaret Qinghui for glazed tile ridge, a short-canopy, with Zhuanta style of the Qing Dynasty. "Beaulieu tower" high 26.28 meters, green glazed tile for measles, Qiaojiao cornices, decorated with the animals, hanging canopy Campanula angle. The two towers of various styles are lining King, such as two-Yu plug, the tranquil River. Liujiang looking east from the bridge, double eaves Tata Lantern Shuo, add radiance to each other, such as fly-stars, Jiang Taying in inverted, Yiyihuanghuang, as the Tingtingyuli a pair of small women, Shujuanfuxiu, and Fumie bridge a component of heroic bearing colorful Meitu night.

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