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Like Hot Springs State - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot Springs State as the old name of PU water-chuen, formerly known as the "Hua Chi Spa", the local people traditionally known as "hot water", Xiangzhou Xian is located 7 km from the eastern outskirts of the city. Around the hot springs surrounded by low mountains, quaint villages on the field, building scattered high and low, one strong rural home life. I spread out in dozens of spring fieldwork, the spring water from spewing out One of Stephen and ease flow from south to north of the river the same, hot water, white wave, and Yu Yu Pianpian find underwater, up and down if two-Jiaoyun water, the water temperature gradually moderate, suitable for bathing. If the eggs into the hot water poured in, 20 - 30 minutes cooked, fresh and delicious taste. "Pu Quan of water" Eight states as one of the early morning of the winter and spring, a stream of air and the morning mist, smoke integration, villages, fields, bathed in a stream of them, albeit not very clearly, Piaomiao unreal, like a very dynamic and colorful picture, the landscape is Isshiki, one pastoral scenery. Hot spring with a unique charm, attracting many thousands of years Tourists, the famous Ming Dynasty poet, wrote LIU Zhi-ying, who left Hot Springs Fu fine-sounding name:

Xia Jing warm smoke is not steam mill, as if Seonwon Naengjeong off the Galaxy.
Dan burn the well clear liquid mercury, Xun Feng Qin, since Green Wave.
Fei Bao lose convective clouds solemn and quiet, with cold seeps, and Shaoyang.
Clear Jijizili , Mo unusual for water rock song.
Hot water system by the state as the earth's crust deep inside the rock formation cycle, with good natural conditions for the closure, water quality, large flows. A high mineral water, the Department of paragraph fissure cave water pressure, water temperature at 73 ? - 77 ?, the highest temperature reached 85 ?, a stable flow per hour 2 5 tons, clear spring water in a transparent, colorless, tasteless, non-polluting. By the Ministry of Light Industry, Zhongshan Medical University, and other scientific experts to identify and practice has proved that with spring water Piangui Suan, strontium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iodine, fluorine, barium, and so on more than 20 kinds of useful on the human body The trace elements. "Wei Wen," " Wen, "and" high temperature "of the three-bath, can adapt to the cardiovascular system, nervous system, the secretion of the health care system, surgery, gynecology, dermatology and treatment of diseases such as influenza have a significant effect, and in line with the promulgation of the national drink With mineral water standards.

Hot Springs Resort as the state has built in the county have a trip The hotel's spa, swimming pools, restaurants, shower rooms, business investment and construction of the hot springs at the source area of landscape (the source of the hotel), as well as various types of holiday Villa Taiwan's wholly-owned mineral water plant, and other tourist facilities, the basic form of "food, shelter, , Travel, purchase, entertainment, therapy, "as one of the seven elements of the sacred holiday. In addition Po Li Huiquan from real estate investment and development company with high quality, as the state of Shan Hua Chi Spa Resort project planning through assessment, the project is about to move.

The value of treating spa bath

Regular hot bath, can play an elimination of fatigue, and improve the physical health of effectiveness, now in Medical University Professor Chen Guibing "On the state as the hot spring bath treatment value" to introduce the contents are as follows:
First, bath therapy and the role of the

1, Wei Wen bath: water temperature 34-36 ?, which is going to be a central nervous system suppression,?????, the body makes people feel comfortable starting or induce drowsiness Duration of the water bath for 15-30 minutes or longer, but there are not sweating, otherwise we can not achieve calm. This bath therapy for neurosis (-excited), cerebral hemorrhage, and other after-effects of a significant effect.

2, Wen-ping bath: water temperature 37-38 ?, Bath 10-20 minutes, which is commonly used therapy in general bath temperature, it can ease the spasm and improve blood circulation, flexible movements, to reduce skin system, but also the role of sedation analgesia. , After bath or micro-sweating, for chronic arthritis, muscle pain, sports injuries and leave behind their organ disease, paralysis, neuralgia, as early as High blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, autonomic imbalance, neurasthenia, with gynecological diseases, endocrine system dysfunction therapeutic.

3, bath temperature: water temperature at 39-42 ?, water bath time for 5-15 minutes, it can expand blood vessels and speed up blood circulation and promote metabolism, rule out the disease Product, which will help to restore the function of the organization, often used for chronic rheumatism, arthritis, lumbar muscle strain, neuralgia, chronic skin diseases, and so on. However, due to strong irritation of the heat will cause a large number of sweat, have a greater impact on the cardiovascular, it should pay attention to the health of patients, especially the elderly, weak, energy Function should be careful not healthy, such as water bath when the pulse more than 120 times, they have to stop bath to avoid accidents.

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