Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cheng Yang Feng Yuqiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheng Yang Yongji Bridge, also known as bridge, dragon bridge, located in Liuzhou Sanjiang county should ancient town 20 km to the north. Guangxi Zhuang region Feng Yuqiao many of the most famous one. Also known as Liuzhou City, Guangxi is located in the center, more than 100 km away from Guilin, which is in 2100 with a history of cultural cities. To Guangxi Can not look at ethnic customs, ethnic customs can not look at Liuzhou, Miao festival, the Dui Ge Zhuang, Yao and Dong ethnic dance of the building known as Liuzhou national conditions and customs "four no." Cheng Yang Feng Yuqiao is typical of the Dong ethnic architecture, across the River Lin of the structure of wood and stone bridge, built in 1916, five in the river Dadun stone bridge deck aircraft fir, wood shop. Bridge 64.4 meters long, 3.4 meters wide and 10.6 meters high. Its construction is to bring us any surprises, the whole bridge do not have to nail a riveting one, be the size of wood, wood chisel Xiangwen to mortise convergence, you have to admire the skills of the Dong people of the south-pointing carriage. On the bridge railings and a roof, 5, c. Pavilion, the Dong has a unique charm. Cheng Yang bridge has become a national key cultural unit. In the Sanjiang Dong Xiang, such as bridge Cheng Yang Feng Yuqiao there are many, Lin only had a dozen on the River Block, and Jiang's eight rural "Badou Bridge", only the rural dong "Pa Mission Bridge" and " Lian Hua Bridge ", the skills On, and Cheng Yang bridge can be comparable. Transport: Guilin to Liuzhou from the highway there, Guilin bus station every 20 minutes to the Liuzhou bus journey of about two and a half hours. Nanning, Liuzhou from the bus station to a double shift each day train journey of about 5 hours.

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