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East Gate tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

East Gate City tower known as the "East" and "East Gate House," at the dawn of the district town in the middle East, north Lo Chi-Lane Road East, south Liujiang before Ming Hongwu 12 years (Year 1379) , Now 600 years. At present, as the East Building of Guangxi to preserve the integrity of the Ming Dynasty more Shing House, calendar Frequent repair. The beginning of construction, care for city use, money Xianfeng years have been a fire, the first year of Emperor Guangxu (1875) by the name Guo Liuzhou one of the architects (Yi name) reconstruction. As a dedicated civil-win Guan Di, "the Emperor Court," there are statues of the gods, incense Miao Zhu also Sasao, during the New Year, both within and outside the East Gate Family pilgrimage to the upper floors. Guangxu years, the East Gate Street, a charity hi to thank the Blessed, squire invited business people to set up Single-owned will be scheduled for May 13 session, held at the temple, acting alcohol, and the acquisition of several real estate, rent collection over the years for temple . Anti-war Sun, Single will be closed.
  City under the stage, In 17 years (in 1928) removed into the engine room telephone office building. In 36 years, the CPC Guangxi underground as editing and printing the "Guangxi Daily" Liuzhou version of the site. After new China was founded, the production will be transferred to the City schools. After the liberation of the Government 5th come back for maintenance and repair, making it swim And a good place to watch the scenery. 1961 units are classified as municipal heritage; East Gate tower as a result of high historical, artistic value, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Government in 1994 will be the focus of its heritage as a unit. Maintenance in 1998, largely to restore the Ming Dynasty Liuzhou, "the text into western Guangdong Sheng's County, "Fu weather, and add to display the ancient city of Liuzhou.
  East Gate tower momentum of the grand, ancient generous, bordering Liujiang, the distance light of Taishan, Sally impressive game, the victory over Crane, has always been around antique watch and Liuzhou's a good place for scenery. Ming Dynasty city of Liuzhou only brick building, the city was one of the original oval-shaped, not Fortification common in the north square is also different from the southern strip or block plane in the form of Putrajaya, the East Building is at this oval track on the city. East Gate City, the existing brick wall over 120 meters, 7 meters high wall pass, about 6 meters thick. Today's city walls - and women Duokou wall for more than 90 repair of resumed. East Gate tower ride south, covers an area of 500 square meters, 17 meters high and 20 meters wide, 11 meters into the deep, by the Qiao Lou Shing Mun and made up of two parts. Shing Mun to make a large stone base, brick wall out. At the top of the existing large openings in the Ming Dynasty inscription book "East Gate", the department, "Li Hongwu April 14." Openings for city Certificates doors, walls outside the city to the south side of the wall canopy openings 3.43 meters high, 3.36 meters wide, the canopy on the back of a city high side door opening 4.62 m, 4.02 m wide, connected to the two hole for the channel, the formation of a Yuan Dong, cool in summer The wind blowing gently, hi to all residents in the vicinity of the shade, the hawkers are selling this focus, rather Downtown. Shing Mun woodshed for the plate, nails, iron, anti-guns, chain lock clearance, the Republic of China 10 years ago, Guan City after nightfall.
  Shing Mun for a two-tier Qiaolou. Garden column-free building brackets, directly supporting the top layer. Liang Jia structure to carry beam-Chuan Dou and mixed architecture, Girder "9 Liang", a support Yanzhu Purlin canopies, no spinal column melon, based on flower-bearing plate to the "three Leung," Leung pest birds spend the shelves are decorated antique. To the top floor of a balanced cantilever column for support, the ingenious structure of the abnormal. House decorated with animal kiss-long ridge, the corner Ling cornices, and the magnificent momentum. The main building of Paris Yan Xia Guang Xu of the original six-year suspension has ap tribute Health Shengzu (the word wu) by the book "beyond shock" at the end of the Green black Hengbian (destroyed during the Cultural Revolution), and Simon's "Lai Chack against the" horizontal inscribed board to use the same code for the "Book of Changes", are painting the entire floor Green, an Oriental Yu Qing meaning.
  Among the main hall as plastic Guan Yunchang, shrines on both sides of the plastic-related holding India's knife-wielding Zhou Cang Li-like, on niche He at the end of a horizontal inscribed board, "similar pen knife." Kuan Kung is a Buddhist shrine on both sides of the plastic 2. Ershibasu wooden statues are on the top floor, Guangxu 30 years, the upper floors for use by Cable and Wireless, the statue moved to head downstairs door to door before it is too late in the first-Gate Tower, next to the clay Xiangan were quite Shen Jun horse. Since the adoption of the East Gate tower Zhong Yan Xie Shanding Roof-timbers Chuandou system Qiaojiao cornices, the shape of Qiaojiao spot claw, heavy fine, it has a shallow eaves, simple, practical, generous ancient Ming and Qing architectural characteristics and stable, robust style, reflects the time To create a superb technical skills and originality of design. This high-style floor of the ancient and solemn generous, A crown of the tower is rich in the characteristics of ancient architecture in the South. New City in 1991 out sand table model and the ancient fort.

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