Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Qing Xiushan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing Xiushan Nanning in the urban areas is about five kilometers southeast to the Department of Yongjiang River, a beautiful Castle, Castle Peak are on top of a tall pagoda, which is known as "the city of Nanning giant lung" - Qing Xiushan scenery Area where.

  Qingxiu Shan, also known as Castle Peak, Tsing Ling-tai, as a result of green trees, the mountain named after Xiuba It is 207 meters above sea level, covers an area of nearly 800 hectares, wooded mountains, Zhetianbiri, cool breeze swept through, as the noise issued Haitao, the formation of a well-known Castle King - Songtao Castle.
Qing Xiushan top of the pagoda stands as called Dragon Tower, commonly known as Castle Peak Tower, which is a symbol of Qing Xiushan before Wanli Ming, There are nine, after the collapse of lightning hit a two-tier, the Government during the War of Resistance Against Japan that the Japanese aircraft bombing tower Nanning "buoy", they blow it up. To be re-built in the mid-1980s. It retains the architectural style of the Ming Dynasty, blue green glazed tile, stacked octagonal canopy, there are nine-storey tower, 60 meters high and 12 meters in diameter Taki There are 207 spin-ladder for a maximum of Guangxi's largest tower. On top of the tower, overlooks the landscape far and near twenty years, Nanning City is the scenery at a glance.

  And the mountain is covered with green trees on the mountainside is backed Tianchi the Jade Pool and the two huge artificial lake. Tianchi area 15,000 square meters, water 2-3 meters, sparkling water, Calocedrus green pines, blue sky and white clouds reflection in the water. There should be a small island in a pond habitat and hope magpie-ting-ting, light breeze, it was on the Hill to the public good place to rest. At the Jade Pool for a Luo Zhuang goddess, goddess of smart fabrics and bold bad Tuo God Buber 3 stone statues of Buddhist "Sambo "To the east, an area of 5000 square meters, Li pool has two Queen Mother statue, the East coast of granite engraved with the Qingshi Sin gathering relief map of the Jade Pool, lifelike patterns. Tianchi around there are a Taolin, if people play this spring Can enjoy the beauty of peach blossom in full bloom. Tianchi and the Jade Pool, together with the full Cui wood, so that the Qing Xiushan a great natural air conditioners have become a breath of fresh air in Nanning of the "giant lung."


  Qing Xiushan Nanning City is to focus on the development of scenic areas, in addition to the protection and restoration of monuments such as the original Dongquan, collect green cliff carving, stone kitchen Hong endures still a lot of new Point. If Thailand is to park in Nanning city government and cultural exchanges with Thailand's Khon Kaen project to build the garden each other tourist attractions, it is the design architect from Thailand, Thai style of the park is full, visitors can now experience the exotic. Qing Xiushan the door to the construction of the new momentum out of the ordinary, unique style, in order to add a lot of scenic spots Color. Qing Xiushan is changing the face to meet the visitors eight points of the compass.

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