Thursday, December 25, 2008

Camellia Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Camellia Park is located in Nanning City, South Lake next to the bridge, the entire tea garden plants mainly, to highlight the "people's tea," Camellia --- features to the main garden plants to the tortuous streams, the natural ups and downs of the gentle slope Separated, the combination of space, is the rare special type of Camellia Park. Camellia Camellia is the Hill Section Camellia is a group of plants, in the early 1960s in China's Guangxi found for the first time. Is the world's precious and rare ornamental plants and germplasm resources, mainly in China and Vietnam. Camellia plants in our group only distributed in the southern Guangxi. At present, the world has reported 23 taxa, of which I made 21 , The unique 19, 4 taxa as China's primary and secondary plant protection; Vietnam 4, 2-specific.

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