Thursday, December 25, 2008

Iraq Ling Yan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuming located in the county, 18 km away from Nanning in the suburbs, is a karst caverns. As a result of Iraq is located in the Village named, also known as "dare Palace" (Zhuang), which means palace as beautiful caves. According to the geologists concluded that formed in a million years ago. The cave is located mariesii beam inside her, Zhuangruo conch, three-hole sub - Convoluted twists and turns, changes in the infinite. Inside the eight scenic spots have been opened up, the size of more than 100 scenic spots, covering an area of 24,000 square meters, the mantle columns overlap, thousands. Run-dong more than 1100 meters, a step Jing, Jing Jing different stunning! Rock Ridge Scenic area of Iraq where dozens of both into a karst, Xiufeng Li, Cascading Luan Tsui, the great poet Guo tour here in 1963, has Fushi: "to pull peaks, the city of Guilin as if ... ..."

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