Thursday, December 25, 2008

Crane Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? located in the Chu River Hill next to the Mandarin. Eight Wuzhou Hill for the crane, Xi said, "Tsuruoka Return." When the morning sun from the West River float, the morning mist on the river this misjudgment, across the river, the scene in the Get Fit For mts crane, as if a cloud of fairy Jingwo. Xi Zhao when the setting sun glowing rays reflection of the white crane Hill into a bright green Guijiang Huarongyuemao as a mirror of a young girl dressing. ?? ?? 23 years of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1897) Wuzhou into port after the crane in the British Hill Great Britain to put up around the marker, set up consular department. Comforter ceremony will be, the Holy Book Association, the American College of the Bible are also located here. Yamashita crane legislation prohibiting Mupai the mountain people. The spring of 1918, the number of people climbing Guijun play, the British Consul dogs bite off, the platoon leader Guijun for self-defense and killed the dog-yang, the British Consul was shot and force the department to Gouming compensation. After a wave of anti-British, the United Kingdom in 1928, Hill returned to the crane. ?? ?? crane on the Hill 19 0 years into the park, covering an area of about 14 hectares of towering old trees in the park, Jade. Peak on the former site of the Department of the British consul, "I also rivers and mountains," Stone, and other cultural relics, as well as the garden, amusement park, pool and so on. Tsuruoka Loudong majestic buildings, flavor, potted flowers and trees planting in front of the building, for the crane sculpture; three-storey Denglou can Jimu city in the south east look to the waves rolling in the Xijiang, a Long Island looming, and the evening light tower Yunsheng Xiangyingchengqu; bird's-eye view of urban East, a bridge Guijiang Fei Jia things, building more than comb, Yun Yan Shu-Lan, the Meteorology Series. Stones along the southeastern Guangxi Museum displays of stalactites, stone Caixia, the Mexican stone, and some, like the Millennium turtle life, Like the Youth Pre-employment Training Jinfeng, color stone block more magical, like the Queen's Head out to be printed on the stone. Thousands of visitors are amazing.

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