Thursday, December 25, 2008

Michael Stone board - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chongzuo County in the Jiang-Zhou rural village of wheat board. Wanli Ming Tower 40 (1612). Jiang-Zhou Tusi is the 16th generation of the Yellow River Han Tuguan for premature deaths, the son of Shao Lun Muta built. Tap solid structure, the plane was hexagonal, 7 layer, high-5. l meters. Taki high 0.5 meters in diameter Wei. 35 meters. At all levels are using giant Diaozao from. The second layer positive to build tower carved inscriptions, the rest at all levels embossed fish pond flowers, ethnic musical instruments, animals, portrait, Buddhism, and other plans at 42. Works fine carved, life. Jiang's visit to the left of the Zhuang and Buddhism, and Zhuang Tusi system and cultural development have research value.

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