Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yunsheng tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuzhou City in the south bank of the Xijiang Jinpingshan. Three Qing dynasty (1823) to build. Guangdong and Guangxi, according to Governor Ruan Yuan poem: "Yu Yunshan steam, condensate clarify the river. Get this tower, the potential wish Teng. Ji-wu, Gang, from its Xing." And "Yunsheng tower." Legend has it that Yunsheng Lu tower is to put a pair of mandarin ducks and birds of a dropped pen. Plane hexagonal tower, the bottom 3.9 meters long, seven-story pavilion-Zhuanta, 36 m-high, the tower Corbel a canopy. As well as the bottom three to seven tickets Dingmen open the front, side and white opened the two-story rectangular, circular window, and the remaining floors and white, with staggered up and down 5 square window. Hexagonal tower tip save. Wooden tower located on each floor Board and wooden staircases. Ruan Yuan amount of doors there Inscription "Wu Jiang hair," "integrated view of the text", "irradiating fight cattle," Dan Bian. Maintenance in 1982, to wooden stairs to iron staircase.

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