Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ling East Reservoir - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as the "East Lake", located 14 km east Lingshan Xian, the first in the so-called Mountain of the Luo Yang Feng Shan Tsui surrounded by mountains, the mountains of Pinghu, the color blue, like a mirror. The reservoir was built in 1958, when the country's 10 major irrigation reservoir one of the area with a total area of 7,280,000 square meters, is now building To be the main flood irrigation, and power generation, breeding, comprehensive utilization of tourism, beautiful scenery and man-made lakes, the Ministry of Water Resources is a key link of one of the large reservoirs, has been included in the seaside tourist scenic spot in Guangxi. Reservoir east-west, was long and narrow shape, the level of long straight 15,000 m, 3150 m widest point, water Area of 6,670,000 square meters. Shuiyun between 15 islands, while several thousand square meters, while hundreds of small square in the central-day lake water on the island has Tianhu Island Resort. Reservoir dam 30.6 m high, the crest length 1824 m, north-south cross-Wei. Xixia three-dam embankment slope, put on the green grass, as if out of thin air to fly A wide tapestry of camel hair. Water dam embankment to a large mosaic stones, look like a giant dragon lying on the side wave. Both ends of the dam also has a House Hotel East Lake, East Lake Court, East Lake Village and Lake Ling Yuan Qian.

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