Thursday, December 25, 2008

Guangxi Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The library is situated on National Road on the eastern side of the square on July 1, is a collection of the National Tonggu the largest number of museums, there are major cultural revolution in Guangxi display, exhibition of Guangxi, Guangxi Folk exhibition, exhibition of ancient bronze drum, and so on. In the Guangxi Museum of National Heritage Court area of 24,000 square meters. Court exhibits and a Tonggu Giant Eagle Artillery, and other cultural side, but also has Zhuang "dry field", Yaojiazhulou, Miaojia Diaojiao Lou, the Drum Tower of the Dong, Dong Xiang Feng Yuqiao, Maonan the residential areas, as well as oil, rice, paper, and other non-manual Workshop, full of local flavor. Zhulou Court in the nation with a restaurant for tourists and provides a wide range of ethnic food Confusion. Court stepped into the national heritage, ethnic customs blow against our faces, Yao Zhuang village of Miao Village You can be home; national historical and cultural success. Transport: Take bus No. 6 up. The opening hours :8:30-11 :30,14:30-17: 30 (normal); 8:30-17:0 (Holidays).

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