Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ming Garden Show - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming Xiu Park in Guangxi is one of the three major parks were located on the west side of Wuming county area, surrounded on three sides by water, gourd-shaped peninsula were a total area of 28,000 square meters. To the late Qing Liang Xiang Huan Ju Ren name of the garden, the early Republican era, Guangdong and Guangxi Lu Xun Yueshi Rongting bought the park, renamed "Ming Garden Show."

Towering old trees in the garden, shade , Li Du Yan for plants, such as rivers, with around East Park. In the initial stage, Hu, Chang Tai-yan, and other key members of the KMT and the person Liangqichaodeng went to the garden and the deliberations of the Taoyuan Lu Rongting event.

During the War of Resistance Against Japan, Bai Chongxi in the garden of the National Government set up the 16th Group Army General Headquarters, in the early liberation, Beijing University Professor Yuan Jiahua-based group of experts in the garden to create strong pinyin, the Zhuang language is born out of the garden show.

Ming Xiu Fu-chun Park, formerly known park, surrounded on three sides by water, was shaped gourd-shaped peninsula with a total area of 42 acres, Chia-ching years Ju Ren Qi Liang built. Early years of the Republic, on the General Yaowu Rongting bought as a private garden, renamed the Sau Ming Garden, built, "Journey Into Amazing Caves Pavilion," "He Feng Ting", Guangxi, said the three were one of the park. In 1938, during the Battle of Kunlun Guan become a national government 18 anti-Japanese army headquarters. In the Republic of China, Liang Chi-chao, Li Tsung-jen, Hu went to the garden, such as anti-command War, liberation, state leaders and renowned poet Guo Zhu has visited the garden and a tribute to brush.

Ming Garden Show features for clearance, odd, ancient, strange. Like Suzhou gardens with natural wonders of the phase, quiet elegant and full of flavor of the mountain. This summer, Sassou Liang Yi, summer Dunxiao This is the next show where the Magic Garden.
Ming Xiu Park is located in the western suburbs of Nanning City, the county seat wuming 1 km, 38 km away from Nanning City, convenient traffic. Many monuments in the park, a strong heritage. There are prominent fame, Wei Lu Xun Yueshi Guangdong and Guangxi in the history of the exhibition on the life, the capital of Guangxi why The historical background of Nanning, Guangxi, there are the first highway opened to traffic the history of China's Zhuang text produced by the process, and so on. Today, the scenic area has been expanded to 180 acres, and the development of the Chunxia Park, West River and many other attractions, set for fishing and barbecues, cruise ships, leisure and entertainment in one.

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