Thursday, December 25, 2008

Zhen Nanguan site of uprising - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Right-fu, also known as Fort Hill II, in the right side of the right Youyi Guan Fu Shan (formerly Youyi Guan Zhen Nanguan). Battery is a border admirals Su Qing Yuan-chun was built in 1887-1892. Town hours, the town, three Town, brick masonry, for capacity-dome, in the next three points on and around the hall, the Treasury, such as the channel. Battery installation Brooke artillery States 7, the Fort horn each other, 590 meters above sea level, surrounded by steep, condescending, and the situation is magnificent. Town in Taiwan are repair Li Taiwan tablets. Dr. Sun Yat-sen in December 1907 to send Huang Ming, Ren Fu Guan Zhen Nanguan to the planning of the intifada, contact the Qing should be done, right-occupied Fort Des Hill II. Huang and Sun Yat-sen Hanoi, Vietnam from Fort command in person. Qing Lu Rongting rate of more than 4,000 people back to the right Des Hill, the rebel army fighting Battery hold seven days and nights, the Qing kill and wound more than 200 people, the end result of many rich and the poor, and Tanjinliangjue, forced to retreat.

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