Thursday, December 25, 2008

Liu Yongfu, Feng old wood buildings - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liu Yongfu (1837 ~ 1917), Feng Wood (1818 ~ 1903), anti-law's late Qing Dynasty, Qinzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Liu Yongfu old at the Qinzhou City, Guangxi board on the 10th Street, formerly known as three-Xuan Tang. Yuan Yue Liu Yongfu as a result of anti-law, three have been called Sun Yue, vice admiral named after. Built in the old 891, covers an area of 22,700 square meters of construction area of 5,600 square meters, brick, courtyard-style layout, the size of a total of 119 buildings, Gate Tower, Zhao Bi, the main seat, Langfang, barn, and study An Dao, and other construction; stage there, the garden, garden, fish ponds, Shaichang facilities. Feng located in the old wood Qinzhou City Town white sand reservoirs in the region, with the old Liu Yongfu in a straight line distance over 1000 meters 1. Gong Bao House, formerly known as the Ching court granted Taizishaobao sealed the title named after the Book of History. Old home was built in 1875, with a total area of 152,200 square meters, of which the main construction area of 202 Meters, the courtyard-style layout, sitting south, a total of 3 row 9 27, are carrying beam brick. Old covers three water-Tian Shan, Liu Jiaoting third woman in the early Jane House tours, study, penises towers, gardens and so on. Liu Yongfu, Feng old wood were typical of the Qing Dynasty mansion of the south building, a Simple and elegant artistic characteristics.

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