Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wuzhou Zhongshan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? Zhongshan Park was the northern, Dasan Gu Cheng, located in the city center. In 14 years (1925), turned into parks, fine-sounding name "Zhongshan Park", Wuzhou for the first park built. ?? ?? completion of the first National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is located in the North Peak, for the protection units of the autonomous region, is 192 Li Jishen in March by the initiative to build. Memorial Hall with Dr. Sun Yat-sen focused on the end of 1921 in early 1922 to visit three times Wuzhou, Wuzhou to guide people to build homes, management of the Xijiang River shipping deeds. Memorial Hall grand scale, before and after the sub-seat, front seat for the four-storey tower in the central dome building, for the two wings of East and West Storey building for the showroom, the back seat hall is 1,000. Memorial Hall is a positive step every level, from the foot of a mountain in front of the Tai total of more than 340 class; the door is wide Ping, built in Hechi, ring out Dan Deng, to Wu Yin-jung, Valentine's view. ?? ?? near the Memorial Hall of Guangxi, one of the oldest bronze bell Southern Han bronze bell, cast in the Southern Han And 16 (958), suspended the northern kiosks and Zhong. Although the Southern Han took bronze bell while you're still intact, hit the resonant voice. Zhong booths are on display next to the ancient tablets, Guijiang the Ming Dynasty artifacts, such as iron bridge, for appreciation. ?? ?? Park Zoo, tiger, leopard, monkey, bird and so on a wide variety. Qu Yuan set to watch, buy, taste snake meat, snake products in one. Peak Park is in Beiyuan of the park. Park to build the mountain, green trees in the park, flowers, green and tidy, its winding streets, features a variety of seamless, self-contained, Wuzhou is the largest, more complete facilities, the largest number of tourist spots.

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