Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pearl Lake Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pearl Lake is a scenic mountains, lakes, holes, tied Walled scenic areas are located in the northern town of Lu Chuan-shan Luo Long Village, the city of Yulin and the moon in the water adjacent to the scenic rocks, its mountains are mountains Goulou branch , Beiliu City from the pond shore into the town of Luchuan County town of Long Tian Luo Shan village, are karst, to 1500 ha park Block, a Rock Hill where they stand, scenery Hui Hui, Meng Meng mist, albeit not very clearly, like dance Qun, said it "Longyan." Scenic areas within a pool of more than 20 hectares of Pearl Lake; Rock Lake week found that the size of cave 12; rock group formed in the mountain fastness of the five natural and some artificial to be built to use, to become a soldier . Rock around the lake, clear lake, ocean waves, weeping filled the lake, Lake Huating independence. Thousands of stalactite cave, strange Shi Zhengrong. Point to the south is a vast field. Huguang integration of the entire scenic spot, "has become isolated," the scene. Qing Xianfeng years has become a tourist attraction.

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