Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rock Hill feast scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rock Hill is a feast at the provincial level scenic spots in Guangxi, located in Bobai County Nanliu River Ferry Crossbow Bay, 30 km from the county seat. The scenic spot in Rock Hill for the feast, feast, led by King Stone Temple, covering an area of 24 square kilometers, is a typical landscape Danxia. Ya Shang-natural stone bridge, stone bridge a total length of 100 meters, 60 meters span, More than 30 meters, 10 meters thick, "Xian Qiao days." Scenic mountains with continuous, Pinnacle range upon range of hills, colorful, realistic image: Ma Ji-shaped stone such as the shepherd boy on horseback, the glans Hill look like the Millennium turtles looking blue sky, Cheung Pei Shan stretch of the river to drink, beautiful flowers and interesting phenomena, the Golden Hill herald the break of day Vivid. Rock Hill South feast of rock Under the "Dong Tian", "hole" of the two caves. Four Seasons evergreen trees outside, inside Dongnuanxialiang, not through wind and rain, is the natural place for convalescence. In 865 AD, Tang Jiedushi parallel high-Lvbingnanzheng have taken it for granted, passing through here, were in plastic Buddha, "Dong Tian" and the "hole", has created a "feast Stone Temple" and " Mo-Tang "has been 1100 years of history. Feast Stone Temple have a history Mingseng, reputation spread far and wide.

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