Thursday, December 25, 2008

Zhenwu Ge Jiang and embroidered amusement park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

After a little old-Taiwan Zhenwu Ge Zhen Wuge Rongxian Cultural Park is the most precious ancient architecture, is a national key cultural unit. After Taiwan was slightly Tang Qianyuan 2002 (759 years) well-known poet, Yuan Jie, Ren Rong Rong Dudu Fu Jing Lueshi control, and soldiers training in order to watch the scenery around the building, the original construction on the stage as early as waste. To the Ming Dynasty Calendar year (1573), dedicated to Chen-Wu fire to the town, slightly in the three-storey pavilion built on the stage, that is, Zhenwu Ge, has been more than 400 years. Zhenwu Ge 13.2 meters high, 13.8 meters wide and 11.2 meters into the deep, wide Huangwa canopies, with nearly the entire House 3000 Wood components, in order to leverage the structure of principle, match series, restricting each other, to coordinate the formation of a reasonable beautiful solid as a whole, the Court did not use a full-iron. More peculiar is that the two-story building with four large columns, although under the upper floor, equipped with Liangjia Court and the W column, spinal decorated with the heavy load, the column left foot but did not fall. 40 Zhenwu Ge over the years has experienced a number of earthquakes and storms of the attack, still Kuiranbudong, safe and sound. In 1962 China's famous ancient scientist Professor Liang Sicheng Zhenwu Ge in person to conduct a detailed study, said that the wooden structure of the building, as well as any modern metal construction, mainly to maintain the leverage that such a The balance of construction, has never been seen before. Professor Liang Zhen Wuge published the monograph, experts and scholars at home and abroad caused widespread concern, come for a visit, for all the wonderful Zhenwu Ge structure and the beautiful and magnificent style sigh. Zhenwu Ge squat high-profile, Jiang embroidered bird's-eye view, the ancient city under the Provisional Can Yuan, Its wealth of scientific, cultural, religious connotations and become Rongxian I only unique monopoly human resources, fully demonstrated the wisdom of the people of ancient China, ancient architectural wonders of the world, has a higher degree of scientific and artistic value . Cultural Park Keiko bronze bell, the autonomous region-level protection of cultural relics. Cast in bronze bell weighing 3,500 jin (old system), Guangxi is one of the largest bronze bell. It has been cast in the body of the text contained in the 10 minutes, 10 minutes of the Tang Dynasty in Henan is one of the Housing Complex Ru Ren Rong Jing Lueshi control when Zhenguan in 12 years (796 years) of the cast, and that was the Rat-Chinese New Year, in order to avoid Tang Lee, the father of emperor who die, "King Substitute the word "C" word, known as the son of King bronze bell has been more than 1,200 years. The original bell cast in the capacity of the Tang Dynasty, Kaiyuan Temple Monastery early damage, the bronze bell through the vicissitudes of life has survived Keiko bronze bell Guangrun color, shape immense solemnity, the body clock relief of vertical and horizontal lines, smooth strings, embodies China's great ancient metalworking skills , The richness of history and aesthetic appeal. After the slightly Zhenwu Ge around Taiwan, there are more than the history of ancient buildings, such as the Tang Dynasty pavilion please, Zhong Ting Ling Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and Veranda Linjiang ancient city wall, and so on, have been destroyed or abolition. Zhenwu Ge west of the former site of the shipyard and nearby embroidered embroidered into the political arena to develop the water park Jiang. Xiu Jiang Calm wide, sparkling, people in the boating lake, looking around, the West's great for the 268 m long embroidered River Bridge, such as Changhong volley across the river; the north-east of the dignified simplicity Zhenwu Ge in the shade tree leaves; the north side of tolerance Pro coast city construction scattered high and low, row upon row; south-east of the magnificent peaks of the eight Duqiao Shan Li In the head; and the north-west, the magnificent, undulating stretches Darongshan ran eyes.

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