Friday, December 26, 2008

Sky folk culture in the world - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World Folk Culture at the sky in the urban areas Yulin Riverside Road, Yulin City, is one of the key scenic areas. Sky area of 70 acres of city culture, building area 140,000 square meters, the floor, 21-floor building, 108 meters high, 30 meters high arches. The sky is a city of culture, antique-style architecture, to show our history and culture, Die huge, magnificent architecture, beautiful sculptures, grand vision. National is building the first single, is a world-class tourist attractions. Sky of the main cultural city, including sculpture art exhibition hall, the Museum of Folk Culture, and David Yi Bao rare display of most of the district. Sculpture art exhibition hall will be divided into four series: Carving, wood carving, bronze and cloisonne Bose Long. A pair of stone part of the 18.1 m-long high table, a pair of 5.8 m high unicorn, a pair of Phoenix 4.7 meters high, 108-long stone carving, signs, spent December and flora, as well as the stone street. Bronze works of art, 30-meter-high bronze statue, Guangxi Drum, Golden Rooster, hyacinth, copper turtles, Phoenix, copper lamps and cloisonne Bose Long. Decorated archway, the structure of the monomer, a high marble pillar that most of the country; carved unicorn, Phoenix, cloisonne process Wulong gourd, and other big home care in the world; wall carved dragon, carved in the world can be a must; the whole building Magnificent, magnificent. Folk Heritage Museum, located 56 Chinese ethnic folk culture heritage display room and library. The collection, display of Chinese of all ethnic groups of different customs, customs, culture and heritage. 56 cultural heritage allgemeine create a national precedent. Yi Bao and rare display of national treasures: the collection and exhibition of the nations of the world Collections, such as antiques, sculpture and artifacts, jade, pearl and agate, and so on.

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