Friday, December 26, 2008

South Lake Crocodile Zoo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Lake Crocodile Zoo in Hainan is located in Haikou City Industrial Road West, an online extension of the surplus bin Peninsula tourist area, 18 kilometers away from Haikou City, the western highway to the east, north Bisha white water, beautiful scenery and beaches of the surplus bin, Covers an area of 2000 mu, is the country's largest crocodile park culture. South Lake Crocodile Zoo in Hainan in accordance with the "natural trend, the people back to nature, man and nature co-exist," the idea, a unique landscape design, and the animals, plants together with tropical wilderness scenery and a good ecological environment. The park to highlight Thailand's crocodile farming, performing, for processing To elephants, white lions, tigers, birds and Thailand customs show supplemented by the tourist centers.

South Hainan Crocodile Lake Park crocodiles inside a zoo, zoo, Thailand performing style garden, tropical Hainan Tourism, and other orchards, and raise a crocodile park there are a variety of different species of crocodile 500, the world is also one of Wang crocodile.

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